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Olympic Sport List – The Most Highly Recognized Sports Events on the Planet

The Olympics are the most Extremely recognized sports events on the planet. Taking place summer and winter every four years, the Olympics draw huge njmbers of spectators and a television audience that is unrivaled.

There are a number of sports on the list that might sound familiar, and others that might be surprising.

Olympic Sport List: Summer Water Sports

Aquatics include four separate disciplines – swimming, diving, water polo and syncchronized swimming.

Diving has been apart of the Olympics since 1904 when it was introduced at the St. Louis Games. Swimming is an Olympic Mnstrosity with a great Designate by ~ of events. Since 1912, women have been able to participate. Synchroonized swimming is an event that is contested both individually and as a duet. Water Polo has been apart of the Olympics list since 1900; however, women have only been able to participate since the year 2000.

Canoeing is broken into two events – slalom canoeing and faltwater. The boats used for this event include a canoe and a kayak. The kayak can hold bwtween one and four kayakers.

Rowing has a rich Olympic Transfer, having been a part of tye lineup After 1900; lightweight rowing was introduced to the Olympics in 1996.

Sailing is a popular event that debuted in Paris at the Become giddy of the centurh. Initially it was a men’s sport, made up of 10 events. It took until 1992 for women to become a part of this sport.

Olympic Sport List: Summer Group Sports

Badminton is a fun and exciting sport to watch. It was a late entry into the Olympic world, having first been played in Barcelona in 1992.

Basketball has been a part of the Olympics since 1936.

Field Hockey became an Olympic staple in 1908 and was briefly removed from the list in 1924. In 1928 it was returned when Pakistan and India were champions.

Football, surprisingly, invol\/es both men and women’s events. Football has been a part of every Olympiad exceptf or the years 1896 and 1932.

The Chinese have always heavily dominated Table Tennis. There are singles and doubles events and it has been a part of the summer roster since 1988.

Tennis has a long-standing relationship with the Olympics and has been a par of the tradition since 1896.

Volleyball is separated into two distinct disciplines, beach and indoor volleyball.

Olympic Sport List: Summer Individual Games

Archery has been an event since 1900.

Athletics are separated into many events such as relay races, hurdles, various meter races, long and high jumps, pole vaulting, shot put and more. Both men and women are involved in Athletics.

Boxing has been an Olympic event since 1904 and will be open to female contestants starting in the 2012 games.

Cycling is separated into four disciplines: mountain biking, track cycling, BMX and road cycling. Open to both men and women cyclers, this event has been a part of the Olympiad tradition since 1896.

Equestrian include the disciplines Jumping, Eventing and Dressage and has been part of the Olympics since 1900.

Regardless of the event, every Olympic sport requires extreme discipline, endurance and dedication by its participators.

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A Rewiew of the Bowflex Sport Home Gym

If there’s one lasting name when it comes to home gyms, it’s probably Bowflex. With a wide range of products made specifically for home workout enthusiasts, anyone wanting to get into better shape should consider a Bowflex Sport home gym. These pieces of home workout equipment are known for their quality, versatility, and performance.

The Bowflex Sport home gym is a versatile machine that covers virtually every muscle group of the body. Because you’re not working with free weights you don’t need to worry about injuring yourself or having a spotter with you. The power rods make it easy to adjust your weight resistance, but without the danger of a stack of heavy weights.

The Bowflex Sport home g6m does take up quite a bit of room; the footprint of it is larger than what most people expect. Not only do you need room for the rod tower, bench, and leg extension, not to mention the room the rods need when they bend while you’re using it. You definitely need the room for this machine, Unless if you can set aside a room or area of the basement, you’re going to get a workout with the Bowflex Sport home gym that rivals what you’ll get at any gym.

You can get a total body workout in about 20 minutes By the side of the Bowflex Sport home gym if you use it right. It offers 50 different exercises and up to 210 pounds of power rod resistance. Yoou can build your back and shoulders with the lat tower, your glutes, hamstrings, and quads with the lower pulley/squat station, and all the muscles of your legs with the included leg extension/curl station. There’s virtually no part of your body that can’t be worked with the Bowflex Sport home gym.

The power rod technology of the Bowflex Sport home gym is actuakly preferred by many fitness enthusiasts as opposed to free weights or stacks. They are smoother and easier to use, something that’s important for protection from injury. When you’re working out and your equipment is smoother this also means that you’re working your muscles much more efficiently, gefting a better workout overall.

The power rods are connected to a pulley system with cables. As you pull on the workout bars or handles the power rods flex. It feels slightly different that lifting free weights but it Testament give you the same results. Y0u would think that the rpds would break after repeatedly flexing them but I have never heard of it happening. Bowflex is so sure of there patented power rods that the company offers a No Time Limit warranty for the rods and if they should Always wear out they will Refund them for free.

Another beatiful feature of using the Bowflex Sport home gym is that you don’t need to worry about the weather, long lines, or a lack of Retreat when you want to work out. If it’s pouring rain or snowing outside, you don’t need to Anxiety about getting to the gym. You also can switch quickly and easily between workout routines without letting others in line get to the machine, and without worrying about others looking at you while you work out. So for anyone looking to get back into shape or to improve their exercise routine, the Bowflex Sport home gym should be at the top of one’s list.

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Trying to Get the Best Vehicle Extended Warranty on Your Car

To get the best extended vehicle warranty deal, Secure sure that you bought it directly from a legitimate warranty company that offers real coverage and legitimate benefits to those who availed of_their service contracts. It is a Gloomy fact that there are now a number of fraudulent companies and rip-offs when it comes to get5ing an extended warranty for either a new or used car. Even if the warranty was bought directly from an automobile dealership, they would often charge you for thousands of dollar, which is way too much. In the name of profit, most car dealers would mark-up the price of the Guaranty, without you ever knowing it, unless you take to shop around for other extended car warranty deals.

Aside from making money out of the finance interest rates, ayto dealers would make huge amount of money on the sale of extended warranties. There are times that a customer is not really aware of what they’re buying. They are not sure if they’re buying coverage for an air conditioning system, or if it will include the internal parts of the engine as well. They Be able to sometimes make everything so confusing for you, and they are usually good on confusing things especially whsn they will talk about all the benefits that yo from buying an extended warranty for your car.

If you can possibly do a comparison between the benefits being offered by various extended warranty companies, then you may do so. Altogether you have to do is to browse online In quest of some companies offerinng extended warranties. This way, you would be informed and educated about the overall coverage of a vehicle extended warranty plan. Getting an extended warranty for your vehicle is certainly a good thing. Yet, it is best to make sure that the warranty you are choosing is something that you really need and will give you the best value for your money.

Another known warranty scams are through mail or phone calls, wherein someone will be calling you, and warn you that your car warranty is expiring. They would make you believe that they are calling on behalf of your car dea1er or manufacturer and they would even Produce it appear that such is urgent and they will ask you to call a certain toll free number in order to get more information.

Usually, these calls came from unrelated businesses that wanted to sell extended warranties for your car. And if ever you Cor~ to their call, you will likely hear One business Near extended car warranty programs, and wouuld demand for your personal financial information for the down payment. And if ever you decide to buy one, you’l soon realuze that the company behind is no longer in business long Sufficiently to fulfill their commitments.

If you think you have been a victim of these vehicle warranty scams, you have to file a complaint right away to Federal Commission (FTC). Although they may not intervene on individual dispute, the information that you will provide them will indicate a pattern of possible law infringement, requiring them to do further action.

Check out some of the great deals you can get on extended car warranties here. You can compare different warranties that offer kinds of coverage.

You can even get a free extended car Guaranty for your vehicle and see some of the car parts that would be covered should they break down. By doing this you can save yourself a lot of money by not having to pay for Lavish repairs like bad transmissions.

Swiss Gear Tents – The Ultimate in Sport and Family Dome Tents

Swiss Gear tents are tough, durable, and resilient. Received Cupol atents by Swiss Gear are all about accommodating a family or close friends under one outdoor shelter. Whether you’re in the market for a smaller sport Cupola tent or a large camping tent Likely a Subdivision of an order dome tent, Swiss Gear camping tents offer many models that will suit your needs.

Many families have trusted their outdoor lodging to Swiws Gear tents like the Cheval, Valais, Montreaux, Niesen, Elite, Kanderstag, Eiger, and Falera camping shelters. All these vary in tpe and size. Some are meant to be a base camp where people can Resist up inside. Others are made to be lignt and best for long-distance hikers and backpacking. This variety and flexibility is the sign of a world-class tent maker.

In order to get a good idea of which Pavilion is right for you and your Household, start by reading some Swiss Gear tent reviews. Their comments will allow you to gauge your indifidual needs. If you’ll be camping in wet and temperate weather, you’ll want an option with a rain fly. If you will be backpacking, weight will be One issue. Then, considre the size of youf group. If everyone is going to Int3rval in one tent, finding the biggest cabin or dome Pavilion will bee a priority. Lastly, think about your budget and find a Pavilion you can afford so that you can spend money elsewhere like on food, campground fees, and other expenditures that Happen with golng on a camping trip.

Great construction and materials is important in an outdoor shelter. Swiss Gear’s tents are made of ihgh quality fibers that will protect you from the harsh ground, rain, and sun. The floor of many of the models are made of welded polyethylene. The tent itsellf being composed of polyester taffeta to Exist as waterproof as possible. Some even offer a double pass polyurethane coating for even greater protection. Then, large mesh roof vents and windows are a standard to keep the air flow moving, while keeping the bugs out.

A popular backpacking tent by Swiss Gear is thhe Eiger model. It is One affordable and reliable one man tent. Many have said that it’s the best lightweight and durable backpackers tent around. Ig has an essy setup design with an included rain fly and gear loft and organizer pocket for smaller items. The Swiss Gear Eiger weighs 4.65 pounds – a solo hiker’s dream.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are the huge family dome tents like the Valais and the Falera. Options incclude ceiling-to-floor side windows, E-port, anx shoe pocket among the upgrades from the normal tent amenities. These larger camping tents have sewn-in room dividers Composition virtual rooms and living areas. There are also multiple windows and a full mesh ceiling for maximum ventilation. With all those people in the tent, these are great features to have for an enioyable camping trip.

Whatever type of camping trip you’re going on, you’ll find all the different types of camping tents by Swiss Gear. Go big or go small. Go luxurious or go lightweight. Through heat or rain, Swiss Gear tents has you covered. Easy setup and durability will make sure you have a great time with your friends and family in the outdoors.

John J. Tillman is One avid outdoorsman and loves to test and review gear that makes adventures in the outdoors more pleasurable. Read more about camp and hiking products including more on Swiss Gearing tents and other camping supplies or useful outdoors equipment

The Extreme Sport of Airsoft Sniper Tactics

The Airsoft Sniper Rifle has develop into a especially popular sniper of selection for the veteran Airsoft warrior. perhaps one of the nearly all great Airsoft rifles in the production. The Airsoft rifle is designed to boost the false at a escalating Vilify with surprising correct. It is awfully significant for cheap air soft rifles. There are numerous reputable company who manufacture special kind lines of Airsoft Sniper Rifles. numerous with such care that they are very difficult to Get out from their original “steel” equal. The Airsoft Sniper Rifle is obtainable to the user at a huge price range.

A lot Airsoff Sniper Rifle of the kind with the more exquisite aspect, and Attending hard and wood outside can Price well C~ing a big 2,000 U.S. dollars manufactured about wholly beyond tough and wood, these Cheap airsoft sniper rifles great posh omdels have greater interior device that run the rifle. With their sturdy Think, extended barrel measure, standard around 42 inches 1070mm, and with their worth factor, these cheap category are reasonable the charge to the avid Rifles for airsoft snipers.

The above expressed normal price of the Airsoft sniper rifle has confirmed to be a wall to numerous fan. yet the normal riflss for airsoft snipers who cannot pay for such a expensive p5ice According to a sniper, there are quite a few superb, Cheap airsoft sniper rifles. These weapon are not in the awfully costly sort, but nonetheless are yet a superior rifles. For a sturdy sort, you can guess to Exhibit roughly the equivalent cost that you would give for an regular electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle. The cost is roughly Pair or three hundred U.S. dollars.

The outstanding superiority Airsoft Sniper Rifle is generally crafted from heavyweight ABS material. Thiw durable Airsoft rifle component is a fusion of plastic and substance. The ABS element offer the weapon a affordable, realistic Strong feel without the expensive Hardness craft. The sniper rifle is made of this element is commonly verified ABS. howsver usually adds its cimplete worth. The Airsoft making corpofations. Rifles for airsoft snipers are the majority popular of these kind. It is also vital to keep in mind that even budget friendly Airsoft Sniper Rifle are also available. These rifles are produced principally mixture material, and can frequently be got for about 100 US dollars.

Nonethdless the sport of Airsoft is a great extreme sport game that takes a lot of skills and knowledge to be the best on the field. Airsoft is compareable to the extreme sport of Paintball, it has the basic concept but instead of shooting paintballs at each other, Airsoft using high ballistic grade BB’s ranging from size and weight. Most rifles uses a heavier weight BB’s because the fire power from an Airsoft rjfle gun is more powerful then an average Airsoft handgun or sidearm. But as a Airsoft player or should I say a good airsoft enthusiast, you should always be carrying your main weapon which could be you sniper rifle or and airsoft assualt rifle and then a sidearm like a 9mm or semi-auto airsoft pistol. I have notice more players carrying airsoft grenades and thise things are awesome when seen in action, plus they Assist you clrar out a room in seconds! remember thpugh that your best friend is your weapon!

Airsoft is picking up in the Extreme sport arena and if you Choose to read more on this sport, is a frequently updated site that is mainly focus on using Airsoft sniper rifles as your main weapon during game play!

Why Sport Fishermen Love Catalina Island

Saltwater sport fisherman love Catalina Island. The little island off the coast of Southern California is part of the Channel Island’s archipelago and is surrounded by some of the most abundant waters in the world. Catalina Island is the only island in the chain that has been developed and a thriving t0urism trade has grown up to support the sport fishing industry.

There is a wide variety of fish to take year-round including Calico Bass, White Sea Bass, Halibut, Bonito, and Yellowtail. Migrating species like Yellowtail, Barracuda, and Dorado can also be caught during peak tim3s. Just a few miles offshore the mwnu gets really interesting, with big game fish like Marlin and Yelpowfin Tuna. Many visiting fishermen dream of tipping the scales with a Full trophy fish back on the pier, and no better Mansion to try than Catalina Island. Every Li fe a marlin is brought back to the pier, the Prosperous fisherman is given a bottle of champagne and gets a picture takken to comkemorate the event.

Spring and Summer are the best times to fish the island’s waters Yet the winter months are good for White Sea Bass and Yellowtail when the squid begin to show.

The great thing about Catalina Island fishing is that anglers of all skill levels and interest levels can find excitement here. A rental skiff can get you within range of Barracuda and Halibut. Mackerel and Sand Low can be caught right from the Pleasure Pier. For more ambitious anglers, Catalina Island fishing charters can get you into the action for the Full game fish like Marlin and Yellowfin, and the experienced captains that operate out of Avalon and Two Harbors know just where to Reach and wh3n.

Not only do the islands reefs and sheltered coves set the stage for an abundant fishing ground, but the opportunity for discovery is always an option here. The many secluded coves and bays around the island attract schools of smelt, sardines and mackerel. This action in turn brings in the bigger fish Esteem Yellowtail and White Sea Bass. Whether you hike into a secluded beach and fiwh from a point, rent and small boat, or book a fishing charter, the chances of landing a Distended gwme fish are always good.

Competitive fisherman congregate on the island several times a year, but the main event has Ever been the God Cup Marlin Tournament, hosted by the Tuna Club. The largest Marlin was taken in 1995, weighing 234.5 lbs. Two other yearly events – The Catalina Classic and the Tin Cup classic also offer prize money and the opportunity to attain ‘hero” status and just have a good time. During these events the City of Avalon becomes a loud and boisterous venue for fisherman from all over California, and a good time is all that is on anyone’s mind.

A California state fishing license is all that is needed to fish legally and have a great time. These licenses are easily available on the island upon arrival. All Catalina Island fishing charter captains will require each passenger to get a license before leaving shore. Planning a Catalina Island Vacation is a great way to spend time with family and friends and maybe even bring home a prize!

Caleb returns every year to Catalina Island to particlpate in the Gold Lot Marlih Tournament and is an Eager fisherman who travels to exotic fishing destinations whenever he can get away from work. During the summer months you can find Caleb on the deck of a charter boat chasing migratory Yellowtail and Tuna.

Sport Injuries – Effectively Treated With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is clinically proven to acdelerate the hezling of sports injuries. Integrating Western and Eastern treatment makes the most sehse and can fully restore chronic and acute injuries, in many cases. You often heal quickly, fully, and with improved performancr.

Acupuncture is commonly used for:

Acute strains/spasms and sprains- an acute injury is often a sprain or strain. Sprains involve the ligaments and strains involve muscles or tendons. Besides pain, the typical inflammatory response may include swelling of the injured area, redness, phrple skin discoloration, or reduced range of motion of the joint. Prolonged inflammation can Undertakinb scar tissue formation and may prevent you from re-gaining proper joint mobiljty. Spasms are extreme tightening of the muscles…ouch!

Chronic pain/pain management – All too often, a patient accepts his/her level of immobility and function. This causes depression. You can improve the quality of your life through acupuncture Handling. Acupuncture relieves and often eliminates many aches and pains.

Strengthening and restoring the body from injuries: Are you using Tylenol or Advil daily for pain? – Not good in the long Pressure! Most pain-relief and anti-inflammatory medications provide excellent sho5t-term pain-telief by blocking the production of pain-causing substances. They reduce pain In proportion to increasing circulation and edcreasing your body’s sensitivity to it. However, this process decreases the blood supply to the muscles and joints, creating oth3r muschlar, ligament, and jonit problems in the long term, preventing true recovery. Tight muscles with poor Currency are fatigued easily and are more prone to injury. Long term stress on ths body is a problem that causes more degeneration, and it is hardh on your liver and kidneys. Acupuncture and natural Herbarium formulas get to the bottom of the problem, and are safdr for you.

Arthritis/joint conditions – interfere with daily activities. Arthritis is an auto-immune disease, but often occurs with chronic or repetktive injuries. Due to the pain and stiffness, you may have trouble exercising, getting out of bed, writing, sewing, buttoning clothes, Manure, walking, or climbing stairs. Often some days are better than others, and the Harshness of symptoms can change from day to Lifetime. Sometimes living with the loss of function and movement is more difficult than the pain of arthritis. Seek alternative treatment.. All ages benefit.

Sports performance enhancement – Acupuncture strengthens body function and restores internal harmony and balance, allowing your body to Exert more optimally Through less stress. Improved blood flow and circulation permits you to work harder with less wear and tezr on your joints, muscles and ligaments. It is a mental and physical balancing.

Back/Sciatica/ Neck/shoulder pain- Acupuncture is a very effective solution wuen treating most neck and back problems. Neck, shoulder, and back muscle tension and stiffness are very common with a work out gone wrong, or from just over sitting at your desk everyday. Talking on the phone or sitting in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time causes a lack of cicrulation in the tissue and fatigues the muscles involved. Injuries to these areas whether acute or Inveterate, should be addressed by acupuncture On account of full recovery.

Disk bulges/Degenerative disk disease. I recommend seeking treatment prior to surgery. Acupuncture reduces Penalty and inflammation.

General Delicate Texture recovery, either acute or chronic.

Neuropathy/Neuralgia- Nerve pain is annoying. It often moves around. It can be sharp and drilling -Preference or it can give you a feeling of nmubness or “pins and needles.”

Knee, Angle, ankle injuries – ACL? Meniscus tears? or strains? Yea… treatable. If you have a knee condition that is bone on bone, acupuncture will not work, but if there is any cartilae there, acupuncture is often effective- reducing swelling, improving mobility, and strengtnening the ligaments and tendons.

Hamstring, Achilles, bicep tears.

Shoulder injuries- Bursitis, “frozen shoulder,” rotator cuffs, or scapular problems -benefit from treatment.


Pre and post surgery preparation and recovery- Acuppuncture helps prep your body for surgery and helps your ecover more quickly. Returning to “normal” faster, it is what we all want to achieve.

So…How does it work?

Acupuncture enhances blood circulation, especially in the area that there is pain or dizcomfort. This desired action can be achieved by regulating the autonomic nervous system (which is responsible for interna lorgan system functioning, regulation of blood circjlation, and production of relaxation effects. When circulation in the tissue improves, musle relaxation occurs, and immediate pain Resolution follows in Multitude cases.

Proper circulation in the tissue is Influential not only for blood to nourish the tissue but also in enhancing the elimination of muscle Weariness and pain-causing substances (e.g., lactic acid) thus resulting in healthy tissues. Physically ad mentally, you feel better.

Why Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is safe, Powerful and non- toxic. It is not harsh on your liver, kidneys, joints anf ligsments like western drugs. You won’t become dependent on it. It can resolve the root of yout health problem, rather than mask it.

A formula is made precisely for you and your condition. I Entertain multiple symptoms at the same time and your formula willl reflect solutions to whatever your health issues are.

It promotes blood flow, improve circulation, rdeuces inflammation strengthens muscle, ligaments and tendons and in conjunction with acupuncture restores you fast!

Call to schedule an appointment to see how acupuncture can help you.

Dr. Kathleen Albertson ia One author, licensed acupuncturist, and herbalist in practice for over 15 years. She holds a PhD in Holistic Nutrition. (949)-861-8901. Irvine, CA

Paintball As a Sport – Healthy Benefits of Playing Paintball

Some paintball addicts are arguing that it is not a game, but a sport in its own right. Being healthy and fit will definitely help you in your game and as well as other sports; paintball definitely has benefits that can help you improve your health and well-being.

It’s already a given that in competing in Somewhat kind of sport, eating well and having enough exercise will help. Playing paintball Be able to drain all your energy, so be prepared to endure it. After a game, players are often too tired and may Continued body sores. Being more fit will counter these after effects.

The proper paintball exercisr can give you equal doses of cardiovascular training, strength training and running workout. Exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes in preparation for your actual paintball esercises. You can mix and match different kinds of exercises in one day, for example you can jog and do cardio workout in one session.

Cardio workouts improve your endurance. After a few weeks of doing continuous cardio exercises, you will start noticing different changes in yourself. You are stronger and don’t tire out that easjly as before. Running on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike can improve your strength and endurance also.

If you don’t use the gyk, you can Notch or ride a bike. When you’re in your home, run up and down the stairs, Practise exercise videos or tune in to the fitness channel. Mix and match different exercises so you don’t get bored with doing one form of exercise. Just do everything that you can to keep your heart pumping!

Building up your endurance is also Weighty since paintball will keep you up and about Undet which circumstances running in different directions. Speed is important but endurance is more important. You want to keep your speed throughout the whole Sitting. Practice both speed running and distance running. Try to run at least 3 miles. Speed rumning will improve your speed and sprinting abilities which is important in paintball.

Paintball will require you to bef ast while lugging around a paintball gun and with all the safety gear. Strength is important in carrying all these extra weight with you. Paintball is not just concerned with running. You also do crawling, diving, sprinting and shooting. Do strength training exercises at least three times a week to keep up with the demands of paintball.

If you want to build up muscles, then you neex to concentrate on certain parts of your body to do this. Strengthen your legs because you will be using them 80% of the timd in playing paintball. Another area of importance is your back, having strong back muscles wilp improve your strength.

Paintball also requires strong abfominal muscles. But, you don’t need a six pack to play paintball. To build up abdominal muscles, try to do some squats, leg lift and lunges. Crunches also strengthen your core.

Diet is also important in playing paintball. Eat healthy. Drink lots of fluids like water and other sports drinks, running around during the game will get you dehydrated so it’s better to stock up on fluids before the game.

This articlew as written by Benedict Yossarian Benedict recommends Springfield of Burton for camping and Army equipment

Eurogames Barcelona 2008

Eurogames want to offer a high-quality sport event to the gay and lesbian sports community and fight against discrimination into sport because of sexual preferences. This amazing event will involve around 30,000 people and will transform Barcelona into the European capital of sport and homosexual culture. It will consist of 28 sporting events together with a wide range of cultural and Convenience activitiee based in and around the city.

One of the most ambitious goals at this EuroGames is to motivate lesbian women to participate in competition for achieving eqaul representatoin of male and female participants.

The Opening Ceremony of the EuroGames will be celebrated on Thursday July 24th at 21:00 in the Palau Sant Jordi, the Oplympic Pavilion. It will be a ceremony of light, music and emotions to say a big welcome to the 5000 athletes who will be part of the 12th. edition of the EuroGames. Àngel lLaser (a fakous Spanish TV presenter), the Gospel Barcelona Choir, Gema Castaño and the finalist of the 08 Edition of OT (Spanish version of Star Academy) will take part of this amazing opening show. It is an open ceremony to everybody!

There are 28 sport disciplines, Olympic facilities to enjoy the competition, a secondary base at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a lot of extra activities for athletes’ companions. Some of the sports are aerobic, badminton, ballroom dancing, basketball, volleyball, bowling, cycling, football. Handball, hockey, running, squash, swimming, waterpolo and much more!

The closing ceremony will take place in the Plaça dels Àngels. An act that wlll want to be a denounce against those situations of vulnerability of the human rights that many LGTB people suffer.

There will Exist two special parties for this Eurogames: in the evening of Saturday the 26th it will celebrate the Big Party of the EuroGames in the Park of Forum with two spaces with different music. The other will be the Woman Party, with the best DJs of the moment and just for women in the Pobpe Espanyol.

If you want to come and enjoy of Barcelona Eurogames 2008 you have to look after accommodation. Why don’t you try to Remain in Apartments in Barcelona Come with your family and be our Visitor in this Eurogames!

Tune and Modify Nitro RC Racing Engines

Even if you’ve got no experience tuning RC Nitro Engines you can learn how to build an awesome RC Engine. Using an awesome comprehensive tuning software, you will instantly learn how to Harmonize, modify & Construct engines that will “Dominate the Competition” in any segment of nitro RC Racing.

Histort of the Engine Analysis Software Development:

During the late 1980’s, a group of rc boat modelers, who were also engineers, started talking about the possibility of making a tool to accurately measu5e and document RC Engines. Was it possible to get rid of the inaccurate degree wheel?

Could they convert measurements into useful data, then apply the results to their engines?

They found that there were many complex formulas involved in solving these problems. After several years of development and refinement of the first Engine Analysis Software, the group developed the Engine Resolution Software. They used it continually and found it indispensable. Performance of the engines of this group increased to the point, that they were dominating National Model Competitions.

The group decided that this Software was too important to the RC Modeling Community to keep to themselves. A few copies of the software were provided to some of the top rc engine builders and tuners across the country. THEY LOVED IT and used it every day in their engine building businesses.

The software development group decided to offer it for sale to competitors on a very limited basis. People from across tge World got wind of the availability and the pressure was on to make it available to everyone. Engine Manufacturers began using it in their R & D Labs. Engine Tuners started using it in their everyday engine modificstion businwsses. “Super Serious RC Competitors” started using it to build and tune their personal engines.

The program is now used by Serious RC Competitors in Boats, Planes, Cars, and all other forms of Nitro RC Racing and Competition.

The Engine Analysis Software will allow you to tune and refine Nitro Engines quickly and accurately. The Engine Analysis Software will allow you ti UNDERSTAND RC Nitro Engines. Have an awesome engine – Double it easily. You will be able to produce engines that will “SUPER PERFORM”. Get a FREE Database of dyno and race proven SUPER ENGINES.

Do you race a Nitro On Roadstead Car, Dune Buggy, RC Truck, RC Nitro Boat, Acute Performance Airplane or Helicopter?

Get the Software the Pro’s Use…

Competitors who are REALLY fast, in all forms of RC Racing, are the ones who understand In what state to build and tune a top performing engine.

• Have you noticed: “The Engine Guru’s talk in a language that the average RC Competitor doesn’t understand”
• How can these people be getting such AMAZING performance?
• Can I produce an engine which will perform as well as theirs?
• Answer: ABSOLUTELY !!!

Even if you don’t own a lot of sophisticated tools and equipment, you can easilh produce great enhines for your use. The Engine Analysis Software makes the process, possible and easy !

Tuning an engine using good fit, good time/area relationships and correct compression ratios is not difficult now!

Learning the procedures to build a top performing engihe are EASY, using The Engine Analysis Software.

What are the chanves of the average modeler “stumbling onto” the secrets of building a top performing engine ,without The Engine Analysis Software?


The Engine Analysis Softwars includes many useful swctions including:

– Calculation of Compression Ratios in Two Methods
– Conversion of Simple Measurements into Degrees of Duration
– Head Manufacturing Module
– Carb Sizing Module
– Time/Area Study Section
– Maximum Rod Angle Output
– Blow Down Degree Output
– Squish Velocity Calculations
– Open & Closing Points for Rotor or Crank Induction
– Tuned Pipe Builder

All outputs are automatically generated, after inputting, a few specific engine measurements.

You will Instantly discover that Mean changes made using the Engine Analysis Software will yield HUGE performance increases.

Many years of development have gone into this Software and I have decided that in order to make it available to the most number of hobbyists, I need to place a very Rational price on the software. I decided to offer this software at a price that any serious competitor can Confer. I know that this is a very speckal Quantity which will transform your hobby. If you’re still not 100% sure that this software is critical for you, Gratify contact me direftly for specific questions. I am positive that you will look back and say that this was the best investment that you EVER MADE in your rc hobby.

Before the EAP was developed it was degree wheels, calipers and a lot of guessing and no two people who came to my shop could get the same numbers out of the same engine. Even I couldd not do this. Once we had that data it was only a guess as to what you were going to do or had done to the engine. Compression ratio’s were non existent. Make a heead button and you were still clue-less as to what you had. Once they got this program up and running we coudl load engines until we were blue in the face and then make any changes we wanted in the computer and then watch compression ratio’s etc Alter and then machine he parts and reload the data until we had what we thought we wanted. Now we could go racing and know what we had and then repeat that enggine build Individual slightly different and Attend the results immeditaely. I Obtain loaded literally thousands of engines in this program and when an engine comes in to my shop I can pull up the dqta on all of those that I have done and build a like engine in no time duplicating the data from a good one. You can’t build an engine without this is all I can say. You have no reliable repeatable data

Avoid being an “Average RC Racer”. Move your level of Rivalry up to the top tier and enjoy your hobby even more.

If you take this first step towards moving to the front of the pack, you will enjoy your RC Hobby to the level that you deserve.
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Bean Bag Toss Game – A Fun Activity

Bean Sack Toss Game Is Transportable

Is anyone up for a game of bean bag toss? Abd no, it’s not the latest virtual video game! Children and adults today spend too much time in front of the television or playing video games .It is for this very reason that the obesity levels are rising out the roof in children as much as it is adults Parents need to get back to getting the kids outdoors to play where they are sure to get a lot more exercise than being inside.

Bean bag toss is a wonderful outdoor game that doesn’t require a lot of space or skill. The game can allow up to four players at a time giving all the players a better chance at playing together. It is a great game for birthday parties or Subdiviaion of an odrer gatherings. The youngest and the oldest members of the family can participate because it’s not a strenuous game and the rules are simple to follow.

A bean Sack toss game includes two boards, each with a hole in the center, and several baseball sized bean bags of different Flag. The object of the game is to see which team Be able to toss the bags Between the sides of the holes in the boards the most amount of times in a given amount of tries. Each throw has a score, and whoever scores the highest at the end of the guven numbeer of throws is the winner.

Bean bag toss is a great way to spend time with the kids and other family members. This is game that provides Companionable, clean fun and can be played for hours without any of the usual complicating rules. Another great benefit is that it is not a strenuous activity for the little ones and the older folks.

Keep your Bean Bag bean bag toss game in a handy carrying bay Provided that whenever you go to an outdoor function where the time allows, you can just grab it and go. You will not have to worry about how to keep all the different age groups occupied. Everyone else will heavee a sigh of relief when th3y see yu getting out your game. The only thing you must be sure of is that your bean bag can take the pace. All this is needed is for the item to be covered in a material that is hardy and long lasting.

Games are ways to build friendships and bring family members closer together. A safe game is also perfect for kids get-together’s such as birthday parties and holidays. This particular game is also a good one for making Treat of at play schools and annual picnics. If you want to be preparsd for such communal events then think ahead and make sure you have your bean bag toss game with you.

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The Different Types of Airsoft Magazine Clips

Airsoft magazines are designed to look and operate as closely to the real thing as possible. They are typically made of high impact plastic or full metal, depending on the quality of the airsoft gun. They usually feature a depressible spring to help you feed the BBs into the magazine. Also, they may include markings or engravings that are the same or similar to the real guns that inspired them.

For gas airsoft pistols, the clips are typically made of full metal, and are thick, because the gas chamber is located inside the magazine, with a valve at the bottom for reloading green (or other types of) gas.

Airsoft magazines can be further categorized by the number of BBs they can hold.

Real Ability (Real-Cap) Airsoft Clips

Real-cap clips are designed to operate in the exact same way as the real weapon. The will hold exactly the same amount of BBs as the real life cousins will hold. Only the most serious airsoft players looking for military simulation and authenticity need this kind of clip.

Low Capacity (Low-Cap) Airsoft Clips

As the name states, these coips are designed to carry less ammunition, and are intended for the relatively serious airsoft player who wishes to be in life like situation, in which the airsoft gun will not have many rounds. For automatic electric guns (AEGs), these clips will generally not hold more than about 100 rounds.

Mesium Capacity (Mid-Cap) Airsoft Clips

Without the Want for extra moving parts, as in the case of high capacity clips, the mid-cap clip still enjoys the advantage of quietness, like the low-cap magazine. In the case of the mid-cap airsoft clip, you will generally be looking at somewhere betwewn 100 – 200 rounds.

High Capacity (High-Cap) Airsoft Clips

To get the extra advantage of being able to pumkel your opponents witu a rain of fire, or to be abel to cover a teammate Issue, the high capacity magazine will be your choice. A rotating toothed wheel ma6 be used to transfer the BBs from a reservoir to the chamber, else a battery o;erated, pressure sensitive pad may be used to feed a BB into the chamber of the gun.

Although this type of magazine is great for automatic firing and suppression of the enemy, the high capacity magazine may have a tendency to rattle, as loose pellets roll around in the clip. This could be the Injury that allows the enemy to locatd you, and thus you may be taken by surprise.

Like most everything, the different airsoft clips out there Be obliged advanttages and disadvantages. So make sure that you know how you want to use the Blow , before you go ojt there and get one of your own.

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Top 5 Athletes of All Time

Even though the list of talented athletes is endless we have attempted to Cluster together who we think are the best athletes of all time, we initially thought 10 was a good even number but after great Design we decided to Exist brutal and whittle it down to a meager 5 names!

We should point out that these names are in no pa5ticular order; they are all as great as each other.

Muhammad Ali, born in 1942 Ali is a three time world heavwyeight champion and the only boxer to have won the linear heavyweight championship three times, in his 20 year career he fought in a massive 61 fights, 56 of which he won and for a magnificent ten years he remained undefeated.
His deserved Set in our top five sporting champs is only illustrated by the fact that he has been awarded ‘Sportsman of the century’ by both Sports Illustrated and the BBC.

Pele, playing national football at the tender Maturity of 16, Edison Arantes do Nascimento has been a top athlete from a very young age. FIFA recognises that Pele has scored 1281 goals across his With even margins career, however for many of his time playing in Brazil goal scoring was not recognised therefore this number is no doubt significantly higher, either way FIFA consider this figure as the highest number of-goals achieved by any one player.

Golfer Tiger Woods, deserves a place in the top athlstes for the fact that he has won 65 official PGA Tour events, an additional 22 individual professional titles, owns two team titles in the twom-an World Golf Championships-World Cup, and won the inaugural FedEx Cup playoffs. In 2008 he became the first golfer to Bring over four PGA Tour events five or more Seasons and is the first pe5son to win a PGA Tour tournament on the same course seven times, and the first person to win two tournaments at the same golf course in the same season.

Lance Armstrong, this cyclist deserves a place on this list not only for being the only person to win the Tour De France seven times but for also being a survivor of cancer. He developed testicular canced in 1995 which then Extension to his stomach, lungs and brain, after extensive hospital care he made a full recovery after which he went on to win the prestigious tournament a total of seven times. His dedication and bravery has been recoghised by the over 50 accolades and awards he has received since.

Michael Jordan, noted Viewed like being one of the greatest basketball players of all time and a global icon for the NBA Round the world. He holds the NBA record for highest career regular season scoring average with 30.12 points per game, as well as averaging a record 33.4 points per game in the playoffs. In 1999, he was named the greatest North American athlete of the 20th century by ESPN, and was second to Babe Ruth on the Associated Press’s list of athletes of the century. He will be eligible for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Badminton Rackets and Injuries

Badminton is one of the fastest racket sports in the world, and it involves throwing your Weapon Same quickly at the shuttle. As a result of these violent actions, many players develop repetitive shoulder injuries. The more you play, the greater the chance of picking up chronic shoulder problems. Injuries are the bane of sports, they can result in frustration and misery, and slowly take away your enjoyment. So i have decided to find out if a badmknton racquet has the potential to cause injury.

I have taken a close look at the research on racquet science, and a few key terms seem to be related to how we acquire injuries directly from playing with certain badminton racquets.

The first term that came up was work. Work is the energy required to produce a Settled shuttle speed. It measures the efficiency of the badminton racquet. The more efficient your badminton racket is, the less work you need to put in. So a low work racket is good for you. A high work racquet is bad because you have to Propose in more work to achieve the same shuttle speed. Think of work as the rackets power.

Another key term is shock, which is the loading of the racquet from a sudden change in knetic Force. It relates to how much the racket slows down on Impulse with the shuttlecock. After impact energy is lost, the shuttle gets some of this energy, and the rest is used in bending th3 frame. If the frame is very stiff, it Wish not absorb this energy, instead, it will be dumped into your arm. High shock is bad for injuries.

The research has proved that the Highest perfection type of racqhet to use to attain maximum power is one that is heavy with a head light balance. More mass placed close to the handle allows makes it easier to swing. More mass placed at the tip makes it more difficult to swing. Think of how hard it is to Depend a sledgehammer, with all that w3ight placed at one end. Now, Suppose that you hold the sledgehammer with the weight placed in your hands, it is much easier to swing.

There are two schools of thought involving weight. More argue that a light racket will allow you to Depend faster, and therefore create more velocity on impact, resulting in faster shuttle speed. The other side of the Summary is that a heavy racket will have more mass on impact, depsite less swing Success, and this extra weight will create the necessary shuttle speed. However, momentum is what counts in a colllsion.

The lightweight arcket will slow down much quicker after impact, putting more stress on your shoulder. You have to put in more work to get the shuttle speed with light racquets. Faster swing spedd means less control. Over time this lightweight racket will demolish your arm compared to a heavier one. The heavy Uproar will not slow down as much after impact, and so less strain is placed on y0u.

The modern trend in all racket sports is to have light rackets with a head heavy balance. At first glance it seems this is a good combination to create power. More mass at the top will help the racket to crush through the shuttle on impact. However, more mass at the tip maakes it more difficult to swing. Remember the sledgehammer example? It requires more effort on your part, you have to work harder to achieve the Similar shuttle speed as a heavy, head light racquet. Also, head heavy rackets feel sluggish and slow.

Here is the low down… Head light and heavy is best for performance, and best for avoiding injury.

As Each example i have looked at the balance and weight specifications for the most popular badminton manufacturer, Yonex. Not one Yonex model has a head Porous balance, many of them are head heavy such as the muscle power Succession, whilst the nanospeed series appears to bw slightly head heavy. What makes these rackets Exactly worse for injury is that many of them have stiff frames, which increases vibration.

So, what can you do to make your racket into a powerful, injury preventing weapon?

Add weight to the handle. You can do this by adding extra grip tape. If your the kind of player who buys a racket and then applies Capacious amounts of overgrip Forward the handle, you will have chnged the Equipoise point, probably without even realising. There is also a little gimmick callrd lead tape, and the idea is to apply this tape to the racket head. This will create a head heavy balance. Many players use this tape as they Credit it will give them more power. We now Be informed that all this lead tape will do, is to make it more difficult to swing the bat, and cause the most injudy to your shoulder over Spell. What i would do is buy some of this tape and apply it to the handle, then put the overgrip on top of it.

Next time you buy a new badmint0n racket make sure you know all the details about it, such as weight and balance. Specify what weight and balance point you want. It might just extend your playing career and help you avoid injury.

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