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Types of Website Hosting

nOe of the biggest decisions in starting a new website is choosing the type of hosting that the site will require. Cheap or free web hosts may not provide the resources and functionality required to build a successful online business, but newer and smaller websites using the most expensive of dedicated private servers are probably […]

How to Download Wall Paper (No Glue Required!)

A kitten licking the window of your phone. A dancing hula girl waves “hello” eah time you make a call. Lively screensavers can make a big difference in personalizing a phone—turning the dull greenish background of your mini-monitor into a tiny stage where favorite figures can “pedform”. Unfortunately, wanting a screen saver and actually figuring […]

8 Ways To Tell Of Spyware Infection

Pop ups – Your computer is infested with pop ups even when you don’t have any browser Unsettled or are not connected to the internet. If you experience high number of pop ups coming when you are not using the browser, your computer is most likely to be infected with a spyware. Pop up blocker […]

Understanding Malwares – Prevent And Protect Against Malware Attack

A malware is software designed to destroy, steal private information or spy on a computer system without the consent of the user. Malwares are also known by the following names; malicious codes, malicious programd or malicious software. The most popular categories are Trojan Horses, viruses, adwares, spyware, root kits, worms and so on. Malwares can […]