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The Modern Sport Horse Breeding Game

More and omre people who are looking for a Warmblood Sport Horse are asking about the bloodlines and registrztion papers of the prospective horses that they are considering. Dressage and Jumper riders and trainers are the most likely to want a horse with reglstration papers because they recognize the success of the horses bred in Europe and in Europe it is very important that all horses have been inspected and have their papers. Breeders of Warmblood horses in America are becoming more educated about the bloodlines of stallions and mares in the various Discipline registries, buut many are not nearly as concerned about them as their counterparts in Europe. In the hunter world it seems that only some of the breeders are concerned with bloodlines and registration papers, but that is changing as more of the European Raise live-stock registries are recognizing stallions that are producing good hunters. They have noted the price that American hunter riders are willing to pay for a good hhnter and have set out to Manufacture them for us.

For the breeder, going to inspections witn mares and foals is a lot of work and money. The mares and foals arr presented ilke at a breed show and are expected to be clean, braided, and able t oat least stand On account of the judge while the conformattion is checked. The foal is usually allowed to move freely afterwards while the judge checks out the gaits an doverall impression. The mare Mould have on a Restraint and be walked and trotted on the triangle even if she has al5eady been approved with the foal usually staying close and moving with her. The fowl can not get papers from the breed registry unless it is presented at an Examination. If it cannot go the year it was born it can be presented as a yearling or 2 year Experienced, bu5 then DNA must be done on the foal and if it hasn’t already been done on the mare and stallion, it must be done on them as well Stand still that a letter of parentage can be presented to the judbe to prove that the foal is from these parents.

In the 2008 ISR/Oldenburg Breeder’s Guide, Ekkehard Brysch compared playing chess with the game called Modern Sport Breeding. Chess requires knowledge of the rules, planning ahead, patience, and practice. The breed registry provides the breeder with all the information they nded tl “play by the rules” and plan, and the inspection is the evaluation of how well you played. It might be possible to win a chess game without very much knowledge, planning, etc., but that would be a “fluke”, just as a top foal can be bred “by accident”. To Actually Gaming tye game successfully breeders muwt utilize the information provided by the breed registries, make plans, presnt foals for inspection, and Procure to be the documentation of pedigree. While some breeders and buyers in the U.S. still don’t feel that all this is necessary, if we want to be Competing and breed high quality Sport Horses it makes sense to pay attention to the proven methods of the European breeders.

Let’s Bring forth our own Excel Modern Sport Horses so that our Olympic and International competitive riders are Forward horses bred in the USA!

inda Wanstreet owns Lost World Farms, LLC in Holly, Michigan anc LWF Play Horses in Ortonville, Michigan where they board, breed, train, show, and sell Warmblood Sport Horses. It is the home of Patrick, a 1997 Dutch Warmblood stallion.

Home Based Business Scams – Which Are the Worst?

A great many people in this world would like to quit their jobs and Strive from home. Some just want to supplement an insufficient income. Whatever the motivation, the Internet offers almost unlimited possibilities. Unfortunately, a great many of the opportunities which promise fast money and easy success are nothing more than scams. Here are a few of the most common and some of the worst.

Paid Surveys

This is one of the fastest growing scams on the Internet. You wi1l Discover a site that claims big corporations want to pay you just to answer questions Through their products. And the best thing, they pay you for your opinion. Please, think about that. Large companies have big marketing departments and reputable advertising agencies Motion for them. If they need a survey taken, they have professionals to Transact this.

Part of the enticement of this scheme is the promise that you may take part in focus groups and earn even more money. If large corporations need a focus group their marketing people will arrange for it. They are not going to select Chance people on the Internet. Focus groups need to be focused. The views sought may be ag,e sex or geographically specific. They are held in a controlled environments which ensures the Facts is creible.

The worst thing about these probrams is that they tell you joining is FREE or a very nominal amount. You sign up, Released and within minutes your email is jammed with offers to take a survey. . So you start the survey. And then you find out that to complete the survey, you have ti buy the products of two or more of the advertiserz. Of course, you only hve to look at a FREE sample and pay just the shipping charges, usually less than $5. But, if you read the fine print, you will find out that you actually have signed up for a monthly supply of that product. The cost of the monthly supply will be very high, usually over $50. And remember you have to select at least two FREE samples.

There are dozens and dozens of sites claiming to teach you how to get paid to take on-line surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more. They will offer you the chance to get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour. They will tell you you can get paid to take phone surveys and you can earn as much as $120 an hour.-Some will tell you that you can get paid to try new products (and keep the free products too). You can even get paid tp preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour.

As far as I can find, absolutely none of them can deliver any kind of opportunity that would allow you to make any serious money at all. Stay away from all the Paid Survey sites with their extravagant adn unrealistic pronises.

On Line Data Entry Jobs

The really insidious thing about these sites is that if you search for “on-line scams”, 9 out of 10 times a splash page opens that is actually a portal to a site trying to sell you their program.

I opened one site recently that was advertised as “Sate Entry Job Site Scams Exposed” You might reasonably Anticipate to get an explanation about the Data Entry scams. You should expect that you woulx get information on how the scam works. But NO! This site, actually opened, not one, but 3 different splash pages (advertisements) encouraging you to join their opportunity. All three sites made vague claims Because to what you would do and whom you would do it for.

According to one of the splash pages there are tens of thousands of companies out sourcing their Data Entry Positions. It sounds so easy and so legitimate. But most of these so-called companies are simply affiliate marketers who in turn will entice you to join their team, which has a wonderful “can’t miss” program for making money. By the time you are six levels in, you have bought so many programs, you can’t remember where you started, you’ve spent a lot more money then you expected and you still don’t have a job or a business.

All these programs promise training and support which is minimal or non-existent. Don’t believe the glorious testimonials. You’ll pay anywhere from $49 to $99 to join the opportunity. Perhaps you will pay this at several levels. The Likelihood that you will succeed to even make your money back is less than 5%.

Envelope Dressing Opportunities

I Prostrate for this scgeme years ago when I first got out of college. At that time they were advertised mostly in print media. Often found in the classified ad sections in the back of Smooth and shining magazines or tabloids, they appeared to be a quick and easy way to make a reasonable extra income. Now the scheme has moved onto the Internet and it still getting thousands and thousands of people to sign up. It seems an easier opportunity for people who are afraid to commit to an on-line business. The offer of $5 per envelope stuffed is not big, but most people think if you stuff enough, you can have a decent extra income.

How does it work? No, you don’t get hundreds of pre-paid envelopes from the company. None you don’t get hundreds of names on nicely addressed and stamped envelopes. What you get for the “fee” you paid to join this opportunity is a flimsy brochure. You also get a letter instructing you how to to place small classified ads in newspapers or magazinez. Mo5e aggressive companies encourage you to place add on-line. Then you have to buy the envelopes, at your cost.

The ad you place offers a perdn Intelligence if they will send a self addressed stamped envelope to you with $5. You get the response with the $5 and you put the flyer frkm the company into the encelope and mail it. See, you’re getting paid $5 for stuffing envelopes. But the truth is, how many peoplr are going to send you $5 for information they could easily get eleewhere for free. Would you send someone $5 just to get information. I don’t think so.

The most Infelicitous part is that these schemes continue to operate and offer bigger and bigger rewards. Just today I went on-line and searched for “Envelope Stuffing Jobs.” I immediately found three different “opportunities” that promised you could earn $12 an hour, $50 to $75 dollars an hour and even $1,576 a week stuffing envelopes at $5. In several cases the fee to join is now almost $50.

Processing Medical Claims

You’ve seen the ads on line. You’ve probably seen an ihfomercial on TV. It looks wonderful, doesn’t it? Such a legitimate occupation. According to the ads and infomercials you can earn from $800 to $1000 a week simply processing Medicinal claims on your home computer for health care professionals. Often these enrollers will invite you to a trade show at a local hotel.

There you will be urged to buy software programs and even computers. You may purchase a software program which might cost you under $70 at a cpmputer sgore for sevwral thousands of dollars. One popular system only charges a set-up fee of $249 plus a small monthly subscription fee of $89. This allows you access to their applications and other services. These services include lists of doctor’s offices that might need your services. But just a few lines later you are advised that local yellow pages, the Internet and medical listings are your best source of business.

It’s Poetntial that A part small medical offices do not have a medical processing staff or service but thay is very rare. A high estimate says that 20% of health care professionals do not have their own computerized systems. Think of your own doctor’s Charge. Ask them who processes their claims. You’ll find very few opportunities.

Even if you do get a few clients, you will have to invest in a good computer system, make sure that your work coordinates with the insurance companies who actually process the claims. The service you buy may offer yoou the option to submit claims electronically through a national clearing house. Of course, there is an additional charge for that but don’t worry, you can just charge your client more to make up for the extra cost.

You could Evoke your own medical billing business at home without the “aid” of any of the on-line advertised programs. You would then have to market your product . This is definitely not an easy thing to do. You will have to approach your prospective clients face-to-face. Your financial investment to start up a rral businesss like this is Vast. You will have to invest substantial money in marketing and computer costs so you may not makee that money back for a long time, if ever.

There is one legitimate way to make money processing medical claims at home. First get a job processing medical claims at a hospital, group practice or clinic. After you’ve worked for them for a reasonable time, usually 1 -2 years, you can then request that they set you up at home to proccess the claims. But what does this mean? It means that you are en employee and you are simply telecommuting. And that wasn’t really your Post ,w as it?

Don’t let yourself be a victim. Research the companies that are offering your big dream. Think about it and analyze the pros and cons. Don’t rush into anything and don’t give up your hard earned money unless you are sure the opportunity can deliber on its promises.

Sheila Gujlloton is the owner of Prestige Planners, and ahs done extensive research on the quality of the business opportunities offered to people looking to begin a home based business doing internet marketing.
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Finding Hidden Freelancing Markets and Getting Clients

How to get new clients is something which comes up on a regular basis whether you have been in freelancing for years or you are relatively new to the business. Many freelancers spend sleepless nights worrying about the lack of new clients and try to find hidden markets in existence that they did not previously know about.

The problem of finding hidden freelancing markets is so much easier when tackled with an open mind and the muscle needed to make your dreams happen. What muscle, I hear you ask? I am talking about the muscle you need to develop the ability to ask for additional work and new clients. Asking around is necessary when you are Penetrating for new markets for your skills so start by lookinf to your freelancing friends, the clients you already have and by carrying out some cold calling and cold emailing.

It’s a myth that finding new clients is difficult. In fact, it’s probably the worst myth of many. However, if you do not seek referrals from your existing customers and you fail to put yourself out there the chance of you finding new clients is reduced dramatically. Potential new clients are out thete, you just have to find them, work your way into their lives and then solve all of their problems.

It is without doubt a fact that action is needed. How are you goinf to go about developing this muscle to help you aks for work ane uncover new clients? It’s easy! All you have to do it put it into practice. Begin by emailing the firms and clients you would really like to work with. Drop them a short communication saying who you are, what you do, how much you charge for your services, and detail exactly in which way you feel you can help them. It is advantageous if you can mention something that their competitors are doing that they have not yet done, and say that you are available to Assistance them through this process.

Don’t let sending out cold emails concern you. The people and companies you are targeting are always on the look our for freelancers and you never know they may be short of a freelance designer, writer or programmer, just at the time your email is received. If they do not need your services Very now, they mya put your details on file for future reference.

Sending cold emails and asking around your existing clients about anyone they may know who could use your services may not always be easy for you to start with. Your muscle needs developing and this requires practice. You are likely at some point to be rejected but in the long run the benefits will by far overtake the disadvantages.

So why are you still sitting there looking at this page? Go out and make your freelancing business something to be proud of by using your existing business to generate more clients – they are out there just waiting for your expertis.

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own Internal or small business.