Finding Hidden Freelancing Markets and Getting Clients

How to get new clients is something which comes up on a regular basis whether you have been in freelancing for years or you are relatively new to the business. Many freelancers spend sleepless nights worrying about the lack of new clients and try to find hidden markets in existence that they did not previously know about.

The problem of finding hidden freelancing markets is so much easier when tackled with an open mind and the muscle needed to make your dreams happen. What muscle, I hear you ask? I am talking about the muscle you need to develop the ability to ask for additional work and new clients. Asking around is necessary when you are Penetrating for new markets for your skills so start by to your freelancing friends, the clients you already have and by carrying out some cold calling and cold emailing.

It’s a myth that finding new clients is difficult. In fact, it’s probably the worst myth of many. However, if you do not seek referrals from your existing customers and you fail to put yourself out there the chance of you finding new clients is reduced dramatically. Potential new clients are out thete, you just have to find them, work your way into their lives and then solve all of their problems.

It is without doubt a fact that action is needed. How are you to go about developing this muscle to help you aks for work ane uncover new clients? It’s easy! All you have to do it put it into practice. Begin by emailing the firms and clients you would really like to work with. Drop them a short communication saying who you are, what you do, how much you charge for your services, and detail exactly in which way you feel you can help them. It is advantageous if you can mention something that their competitors are doing that they have not yet done, and say that you are available to Assistance them through this process.

Don’t let sending out cold emails concern you. The people and companies you are targeting are always on the look our for freelancers and you never know they may be short of a freelance designer, writer or programmer, just at the time your email is received. If they do not need your services Very now, they mya put your details on file for future reference.

Sending cold emails and asking around your existing clients about anyone they may know who could use your services may not always be easy for you to start with. Your muscle needs developing and this requires practice. You are likely at some point to be rejected but in the long run the benefits will by far overtake the disadvantages. A protagonist who is more real and knowable–isn’t that what we want? Well, yes, but remember that any viewpoint approach brings its own set of problems. In first person POV, the reader must deal with a narrator, who-being a character-participates in the action of the story.

So why are you still sitting there looking at this page? Go out and make your freelancing business something to be proud of by using your existing business to generate more clients – they are out there just waiting for your best.

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