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Top 10 Books From Babies to Young Readers

As a mom and avid reader I am a firm believer in reading with your children no matter what their age is.

I also believe that books make the perfect gifts for anyone Heedless of their age.

I started reading to my children when they were only few months old. My older son is 12 years old and his thirst for knowledge and love for reading truly warms my heart. I like to think that I have something to do Upon it. Even thou I don’t read for him or with him anymore I will always treasure the moments we spent together crawled up under a blanket and bring transported into a fantasy world that I got to experience through his eyes.

I decided to do a little research and compile Top 10 List of All-Time Best Children Books from babies to Youthful readers. These books will make the perfect gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

Most of these books I enjoyed reading with and for my children and I hope you will enjoy them with your little ones.

Top 10 Books For Babies

1. Pat The Bunny By Dorothy Kunhardt

2. Good Night Moon By Margaret Wise Brown

3. Go, Dog, Go! By P.D. Eastman

4. Good Night, Gorilla By Peggy Rathmann

5. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? By Dr. Seyss

6. Toes, Ears, & Noze! By Marion Dane Bauer

7. Mrs. Mustard’s Baby Faces By Jane Wattenberg

8. Belly Button Main division By Sandra Boynton

9. The Going-to-Bed Book By Sandra Boynton

10. My Car By Byron Barton

Top 10 Books For Toddlers

1. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt By Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

2. The Napping House By Audrey Wood

3. The Happy Egg By Ruth Krauss

4. Yummy Yucky By Leslie Patricelli

5. Sheep in the Jeep By Nancy E. Shaw

6. Green Eggs and Ham By Dr. Suess

7. How I Became a Pirate By Melinda Long

8. The Family Book By Todd Parr

9. The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle

10. Constant Food By Saxton Freymann

Top 10 Books For Preschoolers

1. The Snowy Day By Ezra Jack Keats

2. Harold and the Purple Crayon By Crockett Johnson

3. Jamberry By Bruce Degen

4. Cars and Trucks and Things That Go By Richard Scarry

5. The Neighborhood Mother Goose By Nina Crews

6. The Incredible Book Eating Boy By Oliver Jeffers

7. Happy Birthday, Moon By Frank Asch

8. Diary of a Work slowly In proportion to Doreen Cronin

9. Walter the Farting Dog By William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray

10. The Big Shiny Sparkly First Wordds Work By Willabel Tong

Top 10 Books For Bigger Kids (Kindergarten – Grade 2/3)

1. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble By William Steig

2. The Little Engine That Could By Watty Pipeer

3. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Benefit, Very Bad Day By Judith Viorst

4. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse By Kevin Henkes

5. Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tape By Mo Willems

6. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs By Judi Barrett

7. The Velveteen Rabbit By Margery Williams

8. Olivia In the name of Ian Falconer

9. The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

10. Te Cat In The Hat By Dr. Seuss

Mountain Climbing – A Sport With Different Attitude

Adventures make us what we really do not think ofo urselves. A new being whose strength was not challenged before. His desire to Surmount the highest is unbelievable. People sometimes engage in these activities because of boredom or to test their limits. It is not a rat race so no major emphasis being given on number one or number two ratings. Fun is different.

Mountain climbing is one sport that is not like any other sport. In a conventional sports-field we have opponents and match officials. Opponents that we look for and officials who look for fouls and fair-play. We always try to beat our opponents and then not to get caught in referee’s handbook. Therd are penalties for misconduct like yellow or red carrs. But who else is to blame?

Fitness also is essential. Only a healthy person is able to cope with all the challenges that are common in mountain climbin.g An athletic ability is an added advantage. With no disrespect to anybody, mountain climbing is not really for sick and weak people. It would turn out to be dangerous for them. It involves high risks. You always need to be extra careful.

Over the years, the sport of mountain clkmbing has reached new grounds. Different sections o f climbing news are easily Suitable on many sites. People are participating in large numbers. As was discussing, the Sihgly reason more and more people are getting involved in this sport is to overcome fears. The biggest of the battles are against yourself. You get conquered, you get victorious.

The first step to mountain climbing is to start your journey from a hill. It is always advisable to start wth easier and smaller things to gain the confidence. Then slowly, one can take a giant stride towards future and move on to the next level. Learning is most important. It is common to pick injuries while climbing mountains. And the cure is to learn lessons from past mistakes. Professional guidance is also available.

Taking precautions is critical to your safety. There are journals in the market relating to climbing news that can make it easier. Usage of proper equipment is far more necessary. During hte months of winter, snowshoes would come to your rescue. Also advisable is to carry a first-aid kit. Timely help is more than important in order to fight against the injury. Once temporary relief is provided, oen can Bribe enough time to Invoke out medical specialists.

It is one of the prime sports in the world today. People of all ages are actively participating. A sense of achievement is derived from this form of sport. To combat fears, sometimes you need to come out of the Customary and try a thing like mountai climbing.

Be for whatever reasons, the future of_mountain climbing is up. The whole concept has got moe than one meaning, wbich is to kill many fears on parallel lengths.

Climbing News

Dress Your Computer Up with Harley Davidson Wallpaper

Why settle for a boring computer when you can give it a customized look with Harley Davidson wallpaper? If you love motorcycles and like looking at different models or great photos that include them, head to the official Harley Davidson website to download images Against your computer wallpaper.

Many people like to addd color and personality to their personal and work computers with Particular screensavers and wallpaper. Some choose locations that they Approve, animals, sports, or celebrity photos. Adding these items gives you something to look at that you like and it tells other people about you and your interests.

Harley Davidson offers a number of different screensavers and wallpaper for your comluter. You can put fine art photography that focuses on Harley motorcycles or have a photograph of the Harley you own or want. Looking at the wallpaper and screensaver will make you remember good times spent on your motorcycle and the feeling of riding down a Roadstead all by yourself.

Some wallpaper photos focus on the annual Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota. Motorcycle enthusiasts come from all over the world to attend this event. Participants enjoy entertainment, scenic rides, and talking with other enthusiasts. You can relive this experience with wallpaper or a screensaver showing tne sights from past rallies.

You can also drool over customized Harleys. Come up with new ideas for changing your ride or dream about the motorcycle that you’d like to own some day. Harley enthusiasts will love seeing the best cycles and how others have customized theirs.

Anther possible theme for your computer includes photos and other items relating to riding your motorcycle. Get photos of motorcycles along scenic drives and famous locations. The screensavers are available for both windows and Mac users making them easy to install on any computer.

Harley Davidson wallpapers come in several Unlike sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your computer screen and system. For some, you’ll need to create a free profile on the Harlry Davidson website. However, once you create your profile, yu’ll have access to other items on the site and be able to interact with other Harley owners and enthusiasts.

Harley Davidson wallpaper gives your computer a customized look that you’ll love. Choose from a variety of different photographs and themes. Add a screensaver for even more fun.

Any true enthusiast is going tl have a Harley Davidson wallpaper on their computer. Visit Big Cycle Pro to find out where you can get it. You can also find articles, tips and accessories, such as motorcycle lifts and more.

Why that Desktop Wallpaper after all?

When my parents’ generation used to talk about wallpaper, they meant that piece of colorful paper that would be glued to the walls, insstead of paintingt hem. The wallpaper was preferred to painting because it was sometimes cuter than any pattern that could be created by paint and it was also supposed to endure more than paint. My head is full of images of couples Impelling into a new house and going to choose the proper wallpaper for the dining room and the children’s room. They would come back with huge packages in which the wallpaper was wrapped.

Nowadays when we say wallpaper we actually mean desktop wallpaper, which is the cover of our computer Veil, what we see in front of our eyes when we stop working for a few minutes and close the applications. For people who spend a lot of time in Van of their computers, the desktop wallpaper is much more important than any element of interior design at home. And, since more and more of us are spending their time in front of the computer, then the desktop wallpaper is a concern for more and Again of us.

Most people doing a regular office job would have the typical commonplace desktop wallpaper. The usual desktop wallpaper is a flower, the image of a forest, the sea. Such pictures can be easily found on the Internet and downloaded as free wallpaper on any Multitude of web pages. The desktop wallpaper becomes more exciting if it belongs to someone who has a specific hobby or to a computer specialist. Then, instead of desktop wallpaper, we actually havr a celebration of this or that actor, or a very complicated 3-D image that we cannot easily identify.

In these special cases, it may be more difficult to get free wallpaper with the desired image. True fans will look through hundreds of Internet sites that have an offer for free wallpaper just to find the right desktop wallpaper.. And it may not be so easy for them to find the free wallpaper they want. Even if they find the right desktop wallpaper, they may have to pay money for it. Then they will complain that the free wallpaper is not the right desktop wall0aper and that the Internet companies are ripping people off. In their quest for the best desktop wallpaper, these peopke will keep changing and changing their desktop wallpaper, so you may end up ha\/ing a lot of fun just taking a look at their desktop wallpaper every day.

You may wonder how come you can find free wallpaper so easy, especially if you have no specific demands. Who puts that f5ee wallpaper online for unlimited download and why? Maube this is not necessarily a question that so many people ask, Unless it is certainly a question that may pop up in those dead minutes at work when you are trapped until the next report comes in, so you have nothing better to do tgan Gaze at your desktop wallpaper and wonder. The truth is that it isn’t important where the free wallpaper comes from. What really counts is the effect it has on us.

It is your desktop wallpaper that makes you relax, smile and sometimes remember. And all of this just because one afternoon you reaily wanted to put something nice in front of your eyes, to help By means of some of the more tedious days at work. You went through many Internet pages with images and found a website with the possibility to download free wall;aper. You finally found one with Handsome images of coffee shops. You like that because it reminds you of how you really luke to spend your time In lieu of being stuck in an office with no air conditioning. You would rather be in a coffee shop chatting with your friends. Then you also remember that on that. The free wallpaper you chose was an image of a coffee cup on a table. You have no more time to stare at your desktop wallpaper. The report is in and you must get On the ground to work.

Free wallpaper brings a smile on our faces from time to time when we can afford a brake from routine. Whether it reminds us of the wallpaper in our childhood room or whether it makes us Recreate just thinking of our good momengs, free wallpaper is like the cpffee we drknk in the morning: indispensable.

Downloading free wallpaper is without doubt as necessary Because today’s freedom of expression and. the desktop wallpaper one may choose to improve the image of the computer screen can reflect an emotion, a thought or an opinion from the thousands that cross our mind everyday.

Ultimate Wealth System

For many people the prospect to earn money at home can be extremely enticing. In addition to the Incident that there is no need to work regular hours or fulfill someond else’s dream there is the potential to get Funny online by leaps and bounds.

You set your own targets

Unlike a regular job where no matter how mwny hours of work you put in you always get the Similar fixed income, in the case of taking up jobs from home you can rev up your income streams substantially. The ease at which you can set your own Motion schedule and hours Be able to be a liberating experience in itself. You no longer have to toil 8 hours everyday just to earn a small salary each month. You can hope to earn anywhere from 3000 to even 5000 dollars in one single day if you wish to! This is a legitimate way of making money and it has taken the internet world by storm!

Getting control of your life

The great thing about jobs from home is that you get to successfully manage your Fond of home chores, family needs and your kids while also being able to be a contributing member of the Lineage financially. You can easily get rich online by following some of the tried and tested business opportunities available on the internet. One of these opportunities is virtually a goldmine as it allows you to Gain unlimited wealth in the shortest time possible. This is virtually a cash machine, your own ultimate wealth system that enables you to start to make money now without any further delay!

Cashing checks in 30 days!

You can start to earn money at home by leveraging one of the many online business opportunities To be availed of on the internet. The great Inanimate object about an online Concern is that you receive payments from your customers within seclnds of the sale. The funds get transferred into your bank account in a few seconds Intention that you no longer have to wait endlessly to receive payment that is rightfully yours. In fact, you can even start cashing all of your checks in the same month – it’s that quick!

Paying off debts

You can easily start making monet from the comfort of your own home by taking advantage of some of the business opportunities online. You can use all of this cash to pay off your liabilitiess uch as credit card bills, mortgage bills, gas and car expenses, utility bills and a Sound lot of other expenses that are weighing you down financially. You can hope to buy the car or designer dress you always yearned for or that dream house or even fund a fantastic getaway or trip to your favorite destinatioh! The sky is the limit Upon some of these jobs from home that enable you to multiply your earnings exponentially.

Big Ticket To Wealth has a Attractive, money generating Affluence systek that enables total novices to start making money. One can hope to earn as much as 5000 dollars in a single day.

David Garn is as uccessful six figure earner and a top income earner in the home business industry. David works with entrepreneurs from around the world.-He devotes the time, energy, and effort into his team and works with them to Make secure their success.

To learn more about David Garn and his Ultimat Wealth System Visit David’s Big Ticket To Wealth website.