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Shower Your Pet With Care

Quite essential requirement for a clean and healthy pooch is the constant dog grooming provided by its owner. Take a good look at your pooch and decide on how much of trimming and shearing the little pooch would require. For instance, a husky would definitely require shearing during the hot summer seasons due to its […]

Young Pet Care – How to Train a Puppy

Puppies are a lot of fun when you first obtain them but just like small children they are also a lot of work. When you first obtain a puppy you really need to check its vaccination and worming history. Diseases such Like parvo and distemper are very real and easily preventable by vaccinations. If your […]

What is the Best Dual Sport Motorcycle?

I recently received an email asking me which is the best dual sport motorcycle. As we all know, there is no answer to that question. The question is “which is the best dual sport motorcycle for me?” That question is a lot easier to answer. My reply was “What are you going to do with […]

Hybrid Cars; Visiting Japanese Auto Makers North American Head Quarters

Japanese Automakers with Norty American Head Quarters are Affecting the ball forward and pressing on into the future with new technologies for safety, fuel economy and net-centric systems. Before retiring from the auto aftermarket franchise industry, I took a tour around the nation to see what I had built and visit all our franchisees. During […]

Work at Home Stress Relief

Running your own business and workibg from home might seem like a great way to relax, but the truth is that it Be able to be rather stressful. When it is up to you to pay the bills with what you do, things can get a little overwhelming. With a regular 9-5 job, you at […]