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The yarns to stay away from are those with beads, fringes or anything else that could end up loose and the baby’s mouth. And once again, just because a yarn is marketed as a baby yarn, does not mean that it will be safe for your child. Always check to make sure that it’s solid enough so no strands will come loose and end up in the baby’s mouth.

With a few fairy lights (or even Christmas lights in the middle of their time off!) and an upside down light coloured container, you can have a night light ready in moments. White tubs work best for this, it doesn’t matter what shape it is. For extra magic, draw some characters, shapes or stars onto the tub to cast long shadows as you drift off to sleep.

And if you have small odds and ends to clean up in your yarn stash, bookmarks will do the trick as you can simply work it in single crochets, but changing the colors in each row for a colorful piece of artwork. Crochet them in bright and cheerful rainbow colors, holiday or seasonal colors, or in colors to reflect your own personality!

You can model a freight yard as a division point terminal where train crews go on and off duty. As a train pulls into the yard, the yard engine will have to pull the caboose off the end and take it over to the Caboose Track. The yard engine will then have to get the caboose belonging to the next assigned conductor of the train and place it on the end of the train before it departs the yard for its next destination. To do this you will need to have enough cabooses on your layout to accommodate every train you plan to run on your layout. You can then specifically assign some cabooses to trains going east and some cabooses to trains going west.

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