The purpose of the caboose was to serve as a shelter for a portion

For successful caboose operations, you need to have a dedicated “Caboose Track” in your main freight yard. This track may be close to the engine servicing terminal or next to the yard classification tracks. This dedicated track is specifically used for the storage and servicing of your model railroad’s caboose fleet. Ideally, the caboose track would be double ended as opposed to a stub-end track. This way the yard engine can access both ends of the caboose track.

Most people are looking for a cut and dry answer as to the best type to use, but there simply is not one. Instead, this is as different as a person’s favourite ice cream flavour. Some individuals will prefer a thicker material that does not wear as easily while others prefer a thinner type to go with a well-fitting pair of shoes.

In order to pick the perfect type of yarn for a pair of socks, a knitter has to think about what they want from a material. For example, whether it is thick or thin, wears easily, allergies and things of that nature. Then, it is time to look at the different options available.

One idea is to resort to a crochet pattern. You may have some in your pattern collection, but you can also find a huge variety of free patterns online simply by doing a search in Google.

And did you know that when it comes to bookmarks, that you don’t have to stick with just bookmark patterns? Any flat applique pattern will work. Thus you can choose from an array of flowers for the girls, and for the boys you can choose from animal, car and sport appliques. Then simply add a string and perhaps a cute little pom pom or charm and you’re all set. It’s that simple!

Turn any room into an under the sea adventure with this fun pal! Place a round container upside down on some newspaper and paint the Octopus’ body your favourite colour. While that’s drying, cut out eight long strips of coloured paper. Laying the first strip out in front of you, fold about 1cm from the bottom back on itself, then turn. Measure another 1cm and fold it back on itself – you should have the beginnings of a wiggly leg! Repeat until all eight legs are wiggling at you and then attach to the body with glue or tape. Finally, add some big googly eyes and a smile. To hang, thrust a pencil through the top of the container, thread string through and tie a knot in the end.

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