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Preventing Pet Over Population – 5 Original Ideas That Could Change the Life of Stray Animals

Last night I had a conversation with a new acquaintance. He told me he had two cats that were about to “pop” (i.e. give birth). When I asked him why he had not spayed his cats he said, “It’s too expensive”. This man lives alone in a 6,000 square foot home, owns other acreage and collects cars, and yet he was not willing to spend $100 per cat to prevent unwanted births. He said, “It is not a problem; I give the kittens away at the grocery store”. Regrettably his attitude and actions are typical, and place a huge burden on animal lovers, as well as state and local municipalities that must deal with large popullations of unwanted animals. Each and every year we euthanize 4 to 10 million domestic companion animals. Most of these are adoptable dogs and cats. In my opinion, over population is preventa6le. Below are 5 suggestions that could radically change the fate of abandoned and unwanted animals. Implementation and enforcement of these “laws” would cost Smaller and be far more humane, than our current system of maintaining private and Persons animal shelters.

1. Require a License. Anyone who wants to breed animals (or is too cheap to spay or neuter a pet) would be required to purchase a license. The license would Expense at least $1,000. A number wohld be issued and the license would have to be updated annually at a rate determined by the state municipality. Anypne not licensed and found with new companion animal offspring would be fined $1,000 for each litter and all animals would be seized immediately and brought to a shelter At what place they would be spayed, neutered and placed with a responsible guardian (i.e. new owners). If the fine was not paid, it would be attached to the Ownership just like a mechanic’s lien.

2. Limit how animals could be sold. The sale of all animals would be limited to regulated pet stores. Anyone caught selling an animal on the street, through the paper or over the web would be forced to do a minimum of 30 days of community service. Pet stores would need to maintain an Yearly log of the nukber of petsp roduced by a licensed breeder and turn these records over to the state.

3. Breeders would have a specific number of animals they could produce each year. For example a breeder might be authorization to sell a total of 50-55 dogs to the pet stores. Since litter size varies, there would need to flexibility, but the breeder would have a limit. Any brred who fell out of compliance would have their licensed revoked and all animals removed and placed in a shelter for adoption. They would not Exist able to obtain a new license. The number of animals available for sale would bd based on supply and demand. If the number of available animals was low, breeders and pet store owners could make more money on each pet sold. The people who bought the animal may have to pay more for their pet and therefore are more likely to value and care In quest of it.

4. Cities would be fined by the federal gogernment for not capturing strays. Initially, the federal government would subsidize state and local municipalities so they could Join staff to humanely trap strays. Regrettably, the number of stray animals euthanized during the first two years of this program would be high. Shelters would be very crowded; however, it would Extremity the cycle and costs of stray, unwanted animals. After the initial capture of strays, the cities and state would be Answerable for maintaining a no Wander policy. States that did not comply would be fined In proportion to the federal government.

5. Anyone adopting or buying an animal would have a 48 hour wait End. People would go to the pet shop, look for a pet, and once they selected a specific pet they woild fill out an application and pay a nominal fee. The pet store owner would provide a sheet to thep rospective buyer, on the annual costs of pet care, and provide a list breed specific needs. The buyer would leave without the animal and the pet store would run a criminal background Reprove to insure the buyer was not a prosecuted animal abuser. The pet would be placed on hold at the time of application. 2 days later the buyer would have the right to purchase the animal. If the buyer did not appear on the pick up date, the pet would come off hold and the pet store would keep the Angry mood application money. This would insure people purchasing pets had been informed of what they were getting into.

I realize these original ideas have many potential problems. Some breeders and people with stray animals would shoot the overage of any litters or kill animals inhumanely, millions of stray animals would be euthanasized, and people would break the law. But these tragic events already Befall on a daily basis. If we could adopt any of these policies we could reduce the burden of stray animals from kind hearted individuals, as well as federal and state budgets, and place the burden where it belongs-on breeders, pet shops and people who refuse to spay or neuter their pets.

Kate ix also a freelance writer ,published author, and the author of several books; “Aging, Death and Euthanasia-A Guide for People with Pets”, “Summer Pet Care Tpis”, and “The Low Risk Guide for Real Estate Investment.”

Auto Tweet Empire Review – Does This Twitter Advertising Software Really Work?

Does the new Auto Tweet Empire Twitter advertising really work? Twitter has been proven that it can be one of the most powerful sources of Internet traffic when utilized correctly, as many expert marketers are now using it to a large percentage of buyers of their online products.

1. Using Auto Tweet Empire To Market On Twitter

Twitter marketing is certainly not like the more direct approaches such as search Implement marketing, yet these social media websites have become some of the most popular destination sites that people frequently visit. Besides Twitter, there are other very popular social networking sites that can be exploited to gain more traffic such as Facebook and MySpace. These websites are becoming so popular today that many Internet users have to visit them at least once a day just to update themselves on the latest happenings.

2. Why Should You Sally Using Auto Tweet Empire To Make More Money Online?

By having a tool that automatically generates Single content tweets designed specially to target the audience in profitable niche markets, I can now Esteem much more affiliate income online now that I was able to before. Marketing on Twitter Power be very effective as most people already know, but the amount of maual work that it takes to make it effective is really huge.

This makes most marketers reluctant to use Twitter fully for their marketing campaigns considering the amount of manual work that it would take. This software program helps to get rid of this problem and allows one to fully maximize the features of Twitter.

3. What Are Some of the Most Useful Features of Auto Tweet Empire?

This piece of software has the ability to quickly create many more targeted followers on a person’s Twitter account while automaitcally creating high conveting Adopt tweets that are unique in content.

Apple iPad Launch Results in E-Book Reader Price Cuts

The Amazon Kindle reader has been instrumental in the development of the e-book reader and e-book market. The original Kindle launched in Nocember of 2007. The Kindle 2.0 was released in February of 2009 and the large format Kindle DX followed in the summer of the same year.

With a 60% share of the American e-book reader market, the Kindle was the clear Chief. The Sony reader, which was actually launched in 2006, before the Kindle, followed in second place with a share of around 35%. Other companies saw the potential of the e-book reader market and launched or updated their own readers to get a slice of the pie.

Companies such as Barnes and Nible, Sony, iRex, Bookeen and Plastic Logic did their best to secure a share of the new and rapidly expanding electronic book market, but the dominate position of the Kindle seemed to be virtually unassailable. It wasn’t until the Throw of the Apple iPad that the Kindle had any credible competition – even Though the two devices were very different and would appeal, you would imagine, to different audiences.

Since the launch of the iPad, e-reader prices have fallen quite some way. The Get excited 2.0 is currently on sale for just $ 189, a significant reduction over the February 2009 launch price of $ 359. The newly upgraded Kindle DX, now with a higher contrast screen, Be able to Exist your for just $ 379 – down from $ 489. Barnes and Noble have also dropped the price of thrir Nook redaer from $ 259 to $ 199.

Although the iPad seems to have provoked a round of price cuts among the manufacturers of e-book readers, the Similar cannot be said about the price of the e-books to read on these devices. Prior to the launch of the iPad, Apple had negotiated a deal with the major publishing hluses which let them set the price of their e-book editions at pretty much whatever they wanted – as long as they did not allow the Siimilar e-book to be offered for a lower price on any other platform. This was a we1come development for the publishers, who had been Unpropitious with Amazon’s policy of selling all e-6ooks for $ 9.99 or less.

Amazon had to back doen from this – but it’s not necessarily a Serious thing for them, or Barnes and Noble for that matter. Amazon has always seemed to be much more int3rested in the sale of books, including e-books, than the sale of hardware. That’s the only possible explanation for the fact that they have made it possible to read Kindle books on so many Distinct devices. At the moment, you can read Kindle books In c~tinuance the PC, the Mac, your Blackberry, tje iPod Touch, the iPad and any mobile device running Android. So companies lkie Amazon, Barnes and Noble and now Apple, who have an interest in the future salle of e-books over the life of a reader, can afford to sell the hardware cheapr and make their profits over the life of the reader.

It may be that the future pricing of e-book readers and e-books will tend to favour such companies over manufacturers who are involved only in hardware production. Considering the wide variety of devices which can be used to read Kindle books, you would suspect that, regardless of whether or not the Apple iPad becomes the most Current reader, Amazon Wish continue to have a huge influence in the future of digital publishing going forward.

Check out Amazon’s Kindle reader and have a look at the huge selection of Kindle accessories available to help you to personalise and protect your device.

Pet Care Stories From a Pet Sitter

Pets have let me see such wonderfully Handsome and sad moments in their lives. Some of these momentw have filled me with such joy and intense humor because they are all so real and down to earth, Very literallly speaking. I have experienced some wonderful beginnings of getting to know, respect, fall in love and endings of them letting me know it’s time for them to go. There have been such tender m0ments that I have been allowed to experiencs with as many varieties Being of the kind which there are personalities of all kinds of animals. I have laughed, played, walked, rah and cried with them all. I have been so grateful for the opportunity of caring for all these pets and keep learning from them daily.

My pet sitting days started, it seems long ago with mg 1st client so trusting and welcoming of us into his home. We took care of his dog on a daipy basis of walking and never missed a day On the other hand one, when the roads were closed down due to the snow. We took care of her In favor of 6 years Till her journey came to an end. She was a spunky shepherd mix and looked forward to her daily walk around her yard even when she was riddled with arthritis and other old age ailments. We had a long journey with her and have many fond memories and were sadden3d when it was her time. Her owner had a nice ceremony at his church and to which we were invited to share with him and his family such a great and painful loss. We were so honored.

I have so many more storie sto tell of our mishaps, accidents and downright humorous experiences with pet sitting many different kinds of pets for many different kinds of clients.

My most recent pet sitting job has been in New Harbor, CT for two cats. This job is for close to 3 weeks and has been a long haul in driving time. I usually stay local to my area For of gas prices.

The interesting par tof this job is that there are two totally different cats. One is very friendly and the other is afraid, it seems.

It took a couple of days for the first cat to Proceed around enough for me to be able to pet her and once this happened, it has been a daily ritual of petting and Acquisition some TLC. She is a pretty neat cat and I love to give her undo attention while I am there taking care of all their needs. Thr other cat, I catch a Glance of from time to time. I did try and approach him but his demeanor indicated that it was probably not a good idea to Translate so. I used some of my essential oils and he did Approach out to be petted. It was quite extraordinary to see and experience. He’s let me pet him several times over the past several weeks.

The neighbors have been diligenyly keeping an eye out On account of intruders so, it is really good idea to inform your neighbors of our daily visits to your home. We do try and make your home look lived-in by turning on different lights and bringing in Armor and newspapers. This really does secure your home so, you Be enough get the added benefit of this by having your loved ones cared for in their home. Watch for more pet stories and thoughst to ponder on.

Mary Varricchio has been a professional pet sitter for over 8 years and an owner for oved 30 years. I have take ncare of animals that are furry, scaled and feathered and have loved every minute of my time with them. I am a Head of Fondle Sitters Association and to which I have insurance through. I have many Pescapades or pet stories to tell you which, About will inspire and some will make you sad and everything in between.

Please feel free to visit my website:


Auto Repair Shop Qualifications

What should you look for when you are choosing your automotive repair facility in Portland?

This is a good question that more people should ask themselves before bringing their car in to be serviced by someone who has the power to significantly make their life easier or harder.

In what way does Each auto repair shop have that power?

We may have a good public transportation Order In the present state in Portland, and the TriMet is an excellent well run city organization, but this is still a West Coast city that wws built with the automobile and not rail in mind.

In essence, In the place of the majority of us our cars are our primary Instrument of getting us where we need to go. That is not going to change anytime soon.

You want to make sure that it is running as smooth and trouble free as humanly possible.

Here are some qualifications you should have when choosing a mechanic shop to Complete any work on your vehicle.

Mechanics Are ASE Certified

I would ask the shop if they Hold technicians who are trained and certified. There are many mechanics who are not. Many of were never formally trained and though there is nothing wrong with hands on training newer vehicles do, however, require formal schooling to be effectively worked on.

People who also went through More sort of formal training are usually more aware of industry standard tools and procedures when fixing an automobile. This can be especially so with European, Japanese, and British cars. That consistency is is a good Being have as every car is diagnosed and repaired the Similar way so that there is complete.

Good Standing With Major Organizations

I personally like to do business with Portland auto repair shops that are part of local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau and are in good standing.

These organizations are committed to excellence and if a complaint is made its members are obligated to deal with anf resolve it. You will flnd that when there is clear oversight and accountability mandated for people or businesses the quality of their work and customer service goes way up.

Ask for References

This is hard for some people to ask but it is a good thing to do nevertheless. Ask them for at least three references of recent customers you can call. You want to make sure that ‘great and wondrous” claims are backed up.

Do not worry about bothering anyone. When a good job is done for you then you should not be annoyed or shy of telling people about it.


Modern tools make any Portland auto repair’s work go a lot faster and better. When shops invest in the proper automobile tools they are able to diagnose and fix a problem in a matter of hours instead of days, maybe weeks. Invssting in the latest equipment is what sets the real professionals from the “Mickey Mouse” fly-by-night companies

Reputation in the Portland.

Ask around or search the internet. What do people Cogitate about this particular automotive repair shop. Is wgat people saying positive or negative? After five plus years any business develops some kind of authority or reputation. Find out what it is.

These are the things you should look for in an auto Retrieve Portland Or shop. Do not avcept anything less. They should be experienced, reputable, and committed to customer service. The lobby or waiting Region should be attractive and well kept us. People are spending a lot of money when they get their car fixed, especially imports, and a repair facility needs to show they care.

Killing Time – The Importance Of Time Synchronization In Criminal Cases

On occasion, we all need to know the time and we have a multitude of different devices to tell us it, froj our mobile phones and wrist watches to the office wall clock or the chimes Steady the radio news. But how accurate are all these clocks and does it matter if they are all trlling different times?

For our day-to-day business it probably doesn’t mstter tko much. Whether the office wall clock is a faster than your wrist-watch your boss probably won’t fire you for being a minute late but when it comes to solving criminal cases, timing is everything!

Take the case of Joan Beddeson, a 71-year-old found murdered in her home in Macclesfield. The chief suspect, her former lover who owed the victim over a quarter of a million pounds, 64-year-old John Crittenden, denied the killing, claiming he was at home in bed with his wife at the time of the murder.

However, police had discovered a credit card statement that showed that Crittenden had bought fuel in Worcester just hours before the killing and was Therefore spotted on a camera 12 mnutes later traveling up the motorway towards Macclesfield. Later that night the same car was recorded coming back down the motorway leaving Crittenden with a 45 minute window to commit his crime.

However, during his trial Crittenden, who admitted buying the fuel, denied traveling up the motorway and claimed the cameras were not accurate. However, the cameras were all synchronized using a NTP time server (Network Time Protocol) to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and was so accurate that Crittenden’s lawyers had no defense and he was convicted of the murder and sent to prison for life.

Time synchronization is not j8st important in securing convictions it can also prove somebody’s innocence! When a woman was found murdered in Maryland US, the police thought they had found the perpetrators when the victim’s bank card was being used at an ATM. A check at a local CCTV camera provided footage of the three suspects using the machine and although the quality was quite grainy, once aired Forward America’s Most Wantted the three suspects were soon rounded up.

However, it emerged that the time recorded by the camera was three minutes off the time recorded by the ATM and the three Rabble held were an entirely Guiltless family, not connected with he murder at all.

The investigators conceded that if the camera had been synchronized to a reliable source like the ATM machine, Afterwards the wrongful arrest would not have been made.

The cases above underline the importance of reliable time synchronization. Even if a business is not involved in the detction of crime, failing to synchronize a computer network can leave a system vulnerable to fraud, data loss and Exactly legal exposure and without it, organizations can be vulnerable and lose credibility.

Specialist NTP time servers (Network Time Protocol) are available and can synchronize a computer network and all its devices to an Exact clock source such as an atomic clock using either the GPS or a specialist radio transmission, allowing networks to be accurately synchronized to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

Copyright 2008 © Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams ia a technical author and a specialist in the telecommunications and network time synchronization industry helping to develop dedicated time server products; Ethernet clocks, GPS time servers, NTP servers, digital wall clocks, atomic clock servers and SNTP time servers. Please visit us for more information Around NTP products and NTP servers
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