Creation and evaluation require a distinct awareness

This is similar to the previous point that I covered and is pretty much self-explanatory. Think about how the fictional world you’re going to build is set out and assign some rules to it. Perhaps people don’t go out at night because some evil entity roam at night at a specific time. A mountain could separate two villages and no one ever interacts with each other because of that. Rules makes things easier to keep track of. Before you start writing, you should create some rules. It will make it easier to be consistent and also easier to create a believable world.

Do you also think that a person who can write on the topics of traveling, fashion, food or anything else can even write for a website? No, you are wrong. It’s because a different type of writing requires different skills and knowledge. To know the vital difference between the both, you have to go through the following points that answer all your questions.

The author has created a plot that is weak, yet leaving a lot of room for fictional imagination. Post modern genre of fiction has sounded the death knell for the Gothic. New age readers can read through the plot as a fictional construct and Gothic plots in the postmodern era are boring. Reality is not the fantastic but the aesthetic in modern fictional terms. Ridicule, irony and self reflection are the devices through which post modern writer explores his or her work.

Today, it is no longer the sleepy fishing hole of Ernest Hemingway’s time, but great fishing can still be enjoyed by charter boat from the Worldwide Sportsman, a marina with shops that features a replica of Hemingway’s fishing boat. Being a writer, I appreciate all of this, the setting, the lifestyle, and the recognition of the life of a man who learned early to live his life fully and write down his experiences as if they were tall fish tales.

Briefly put, a critique group exists for mutual review and evaluation of one another’s work in progress (WIP) so each member can get constructive comments on their work.
Excepting those who simply don’t have the time, most aspiring writers resist subjecting their work to critical review because of this truth: Writing is very personal. Consider how that affects these groups of writers:

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