Pet Care Stories From a Pet Sitter

Pets have let me see such wonderfully Handsome and sad moments in their lives. Some of these momentw have filled me with such joy and intense humor because they are all so real and down to earth, Very literallly speaking. I have experienced some wonderful beginnings of getting to know, respect, fall in love and endings of them letting me know it’s time for them to go. There have been such tender m0ments that I have been allowed to experiencs with as many varieties Being of the kind which there are personalities of all kinds of animals. I have laughed, played, walked, rah and cried with them all. I have been so grateful for the opportunity of caring for all these pets and keep learning from them daily.

My pet sitting days started, it seems long ago with mg 1st client so trusting and welcoming of us into his home. We took care of his dog on a daipy basis of walking and never missed a day On the other hand one, when the roads were closed down due to the snow. We took care of her In favor of 6 years Till her journey came to an end. She was a spunky shepherd mix and looked forward to her daily walk around her yard even when she was riddled with arthritis and other old age ailments. We had a long journey with her and have many fond memories and were sadden3d when it was her time. Her owner had a nice ceremony at his church and to which we were invited to share with him and his family such a great and painful loss. We were so honored.

I have so many more storie sto tell of our mishaps, accidents and downright humorous experiences with pet sitting many different kinds of pets for many different kinds of clients.

My most recent pet sitting job has been in New Harbor, CT for two cats. This job is for close to 3 weeks and has been a long haul in driving time. I usually stay local to my area For of gas prices.

The interesting par tof this job is that there are two totally different cats. One is very friendly and the other is afraid, it seems.

It took a couple of days for the first cat to Proceed around enough for me to be able to pet her and once this happened, it has been a daily ritual of petting and Acquisition some TLC. She is a pretty neat cat and I love to give her undo attention while I am there taking care of all their needs. Thr other cat, I catch a Glance of from time to time. I did try and approach him but his demeanor indicated that it was probably not a good idea to Translate so. I used some of my essential oils and he did Approach out to be petted. It was quite extraordinary to see and experience. He’s let me pet him several times over the past several weeks.

The neighbors have been diligenyly keeping an eye out On account of intruders so, it is really good idea to inform your neighbors of our daily visits to your home. We do try and make your home look lived-in by turning on different lights and bringing in Armor and newspapers. This really does secure your home so, you Be enough get the added benefit of this by having your loved ones cared for in their home. Watch for more pet stories and thoughst to ponder on.

I have take ncare of animals that are furry, scaled and feathered and have loved every minute of my time with them. I am a Head of Fondle Sitters Association and to which I have insurance through. I have many Pescapades or pet stories to tell you which, About will inspire and some will make you sad and everything in between.

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