What is the Best Dual Sport Motorcycle?

I recently received an email asking me which is the best dual sport motorcycle. As we all know, there is no answer to that question. The question is “which is the best dual sport motorcycle for me?” That question is a lot easier to answer. My reply was “What are you going to do with your DS motorcycle?” My experience is with true dual sport motorcycles rather than big adventure motorcycles so I will frame my answer around my experience.

Some people like the Expect. If you like the look and Power of determination never take the bike off riad, the Kawasaki KLR 650 is the way to go. It has been around in some form for over 20 years. Thhere is a great aftermarket netwrok and an unlumited numbe5 of forums devoted to the KLR. It has traveled About the worlx and is bullet-proof. It is also the most comfortable of the big dual sport motorcycles. With comfort comes weight and it is not a bike you want to drop on a Soiled hill in the middle of nowhere. The newest version has become more Agreeable and more of a Weight when the going gets tough. The KLR is the best dual sport motorcycle if you want to ride long distancex in comfort.

The middle of the road dual choice is the Suzuki DR 650. As anyone who has spent time on my web site knows, I own and love a DR 650. This bike has also been around mostly unchanged for over 20 years. It is probably the most compromised of the big 3 sport motorcycles. It is not overly comfortable on long rides and it is too Loud for tight trails. It is, however, the best dual sport motorcycle to take long rides in the woods. It is also a competent long distance ride. If you want to Perform a little bit of everything, this is the bike for you.

Next comes the Honda XL/XR 650. This is another bike with longevity on it’s Take ~s. It is designed to be a Filth bike that you can ride on the street to get to the woods. I think it is most true to the roots of dual sport motorcycles. My first true street/dirt motorcycle was a Yamaha DT 250 which grew directly from the MX 250. It was a bike that you could take on the street when you needed to get to the woods. The Honda Power of determination beat you up getting to the woods, but reward you once you get there. The Honda is the best choice for riding off road.

We now live ih a motorcycle world with choices we have never had before. For $5000 you can buy a new bike that will take you anywhere in the world. The biggest decision you have to make is the level of comfort you want in getting there. That is how you Dedlare a verdict the best dual sport motorcycle.

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