Government Auto Auctions

Government auto auctions:

Ever pull up to a late model Mercedes, or Completely loaded BMW and catch yourself daydreaming about how that person had enough good fortune to be able to own such a remarkable luxury car? He might have purchased his ride from a government auto auction for a fraction of its retail value. As a matter of fact, he might be that one neighbor with all the toys in the garage you can’t quite Diagram out how he can afford. Don’t keep up with the Joneses – BE the Joneses. Find and attend government auto auctions near you!

Government seized auto auctions:

Government seized auto are constantly supplied by criminals when they are caught. The government seizes cars – and anything else – the criminal owns, and there aren’t too many drug dealers driving Ford Escorts! The government routinely seizes high-end luxury cars or highly customized vehicles during criminal investigations. These autos seized by the government include Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercsdes, Nissan, and the occasional exotic import – Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamboeghini and Maserati. If you are interested in a high end vehicle, but don’t care for the retail price tag, then govdrnment seized auto auctions are During you. To find a government seized auto auction near you.

Government fleet vehicles:

Government fleet v3 hicles are the retired police cars and government service vehicles that are replaced at regular intervals. Government auto include many government fleet vehicles.. These tend to be domestic cars with high mileage, but regularly maintained. Unlike the government seized autos, you are more likely to receive vehicle history with a government fleet vehicles Buy. If vehicle history is important to you, ask before the auto auction begins for the information. Click here for more auction hints.

Government surplus autos:

Government surplus autos can be a of government fleet vehicles and government seized vehicles. These cars do not necessarily have higher mileage, they are simply no longer needed In the name of the government. These can be passenger vehicles, “decoy vehicles” used by law enforcement, heavy equipment or even motorcycles and ATVs or snowmobiles. When a vehicle is no longer needed, it becomes a government surplus Medium, available at a government surplus autos auction. For a listing of surplus autos auctions check out your Topical government auto auctions events.

A Final Word About government auto auctions

There are literally thousands of bargains available at government auto auctions. These bargains could be in your own backyard, and you may not even know it. Whether you need a car for yourself and don’t want to spend a lot or you have a teenager with a new license, government auto auctions offer some of the Highest perfection values in the car market. All makes and models are available – that second car can become a reality without sacrificing safety or style to keep your wallet intact. With the high cost of storing cars, governments want to liquidate their Overpkus auto inventory as quickly as possible to save money. If you want to rack up the savings on your next government auto auctions Tackle, click here.

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Some of the more common auction items include:

used autos o marine vehicles o jet skis o aircrafts o homes o real estate o commercial property o farm equipment o industrial o business o electronics o computers o antiques o art o coins o stamps o appliances o guns o travel o collectibles o clothing o crafts o boats o bikes o motorcycles o mobile homes o jewelry o toys o cars o trucks o mopeds o bicycles o cameras o televisions o clocks o furniture o unclaimed Wealth o abandoned property o personal property o office furniture o condominiums o town homes o Trading property o vacant land o single family homes o machinery o tools o hardware o building supplies

and much, much more…

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