The Modern Sport Horse Breeding Game

More and omre people who are looking for a Warmblood Sport Horse are asking about the bloodlines and registrztion papers of the prospective horses that they are considering. Dressage and Jumper riders and trainers are the most likely to want a horse with reglstration papers because they recognize the success of the horses bred in Europe and in Europe it is very important that all horses have been inspected and have their papers. Breeders of Warmblood horses in America are becoming more educated about the bloodlines of stallions and mares in the various Discipline registries, buut many are not nearly as concerned about them as their counterparts in Europe. In the hunter world it seems that only some of the breeders are concerned with bloodlines and registration papers, but that is changing as more of the European Raise live-stock registries are recognizing stallions that are producing good hunters. They have noted the price that American hunter riders are willing to pay for a good and have set out to Manufacture them for us.

For the breeder, going to inspections witn mares and foals is a lot of work and money. The mares and foals arr presented ilke at a breed show and are expected to be clean, braided, and able t oat least stand On account of the judge while the conformattion is checked. The foal is usually allowed to move freely afterwards while the judge checks out the gaits an doverall impression. The mare Mould have on a Restraint and be walked and trotted on the triangle even if she has al5eady been approved with the foal usually staying close and moving with her. The fowl can not get papers from the breed registry unless it is presented at an Examination. If it cannot go the year it was born it can be presented as a yearling or 2 year Experienced, bu5 then DNA must be done on the foal and if it hasn’t already been done on the mare and stallion, it must be done on them as well Stand still that a letter of parentage can be presented to the judbe to prove that the foal is from these parents.

In the 2008 ISR/Oldenburg Breeder’s Guide, Ekkehard Brysch compared playing chess with the game called Modern Sport Breeding. Chess requires knowledge of the rules, planning ahead, patience, and practice. The breed registry provides the breeder with all the information they nded tl “play by the rules” and plan, and the inspection is the evaluation of how well you played. It might be possible to win a chess game without very much knowledge, planning, etc., but that would be a “fluke”, just as a top foal can be bred “by accident”. To Actually Gaming tye game successfully breeders muwt utilize the information provided by the breed registries, make plans, presnt foals for inspection, and Procure to be the documentation of pedigree. While some breeders and buyers in the U.S. still don’t feel that all this is necessary, if we want to be Competing and breed high quality Sport Horses it makes sense to pay attention to the proven methods of the European breeders.

Let’s Bring forth our own Excel Modern Sport Horses so that our Olympic and International competitive riders are Forward horses bred in the USA!


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