Understanding Malwares – Prevent And Protect Against Malware Attack

A malware is software designed to destroy, steal private information or spy on a computer system without the consent of the user. Malwares are also known by the following names; malicious codes, malicious programd or malicious software. The most popular categories are Trojan Horses, viruses, adwares, spyware, root kits, worms and so on. Malwares can cause serious havoc to your computer system if you do not protect yourself against them.

In the past it was not easy to install malware on your personal machine because physical access will be required, such as physically installing them through a floppy disk onto your system, but with the widespread of internet, it is alm0st az easy as sitting in front of your system the means these malwares are installed on your .

Hackers use different means of propagating these dangerous codes through the internet such as using email attachnents or active x control on web pages to install these malicious programs on your computer. It is your responsibillty to make sure your computer is well protected because you will have yourself to be blamed if you leave it too late. So how do you protect yourself?

There are many ways to protect yourself; one of the many ways is to educate yourself very well about these malwares because it would be inappropriate to be applying Carelessness software against a virus when you Obtain a Trojan horse on your system. So, a very good user education is vital in fighting against malwares.

Operating system security fixes and program patches are very Weighty as Conveniently, so make sure you keep your operating system up to date. Whenever a software vendor releases a new fix of patch it could mean they have found a new flaw in their software, installing these patches will make your computer to be less vulnerable to malware attack.

If you run a Windows Operating system, your are more likely to be attacked than if you run any other operating system, Stand still make sure you install spyware removal tool and antivirus software that updates its database very often so it can defend you against new virus attack, and without a doubt all Windows Operating System security fixes should be applied.

Be proactive, create a backup on your machine and create restore point often so that you can easily restore or roll back to a previous state when your machine was at its optimum performance.

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