Why Sport Fishermen Love Catalina Island

Saltwater sport fisherman love Catalina Island. The little island off the coast of Southern California is part of the Channel Island’s archipelago and is surrounded by some of the most abundant waters in the world. Catalina Island is the only island in the chain that has been developed and a thriving t0urism trade has grown up to support the sport fishing industry.

There is a wide variety of fish to take year-round including Calico Bass, White Sea Bass, Halibut, Bonito, and Yellowtail. Migrating species like Yellowtail, Barracuda, and Dorado can also be caught during peak tim3s. Just a few miles offshore the mwnu gets really interesting, with big game fish like Marlin and Yelpowfin Tuna. Many visiting fishermen dream of tipping the scales with a Full trophy fish back on the pier, and no better Mansion to try than Catalina Island. Every Li fe a marlin is brought back to the pier, the Prosperous fisherman is given a bottle of champagne and gets a picture takken to comkemorate the event.

Spring and Summer are the best times to fish the island’s waters Yet the winter months are good for White Sea Bass and Yellowtail when the squid begin to show.

The great thing about Catalina Island fishing is that anglers of all skill levels and interest levels can find excitement here. A rental skiff can get you within range of Barracuda and Halibut. Mackerel and Sand Low can be caught right from the Pleasure Pier. For more ambitious anglers, Catalina Island fishing charters can get you into the action for the Full game fish like Marlin and Yellowfin, and the experienced captains that operate out of Avalon and Two Harbors know just where to Reach and wh3n.

Not only do the islands reefs and sheltered coves set the stage for an abundant fishing ground, but the opportunity for discovery is always an option here. The many secluded coves and bays around the island attract schools of smelt, sardines and mackerel. This action in turn brings in the bigger fish Esteem Yellowtail and White Sea Bass. Whether you hike into a secluded beach and fiwh from a point, rent and small boat, or book a fishing charter, the chances of landing a Distended gwme fish are always good.

Competitive fisherman congregate on the island several times a year, but the main event has Ever been the God Cup Marlin Tournament, hosted by the Tuna Club. The largest Marlin was taken in 1995, weighing 234.5 lbs. Two other yearly events – The Catalina Classic and the Tin Cup classic also offer prize money and the opportunity to attain ‘hero” status and just have a good time. During these events the City of Avalon becomes a loud and boisterous venue for fisherman from all over California, and a good time is all that is on anyone’s mind.

A California state fishing license is all that is needed to fish legally and have a great time. These licenses are easily available on the island upon arrival. All Catalina Island fishing charter captains will require each passenger to get a license before leaving shore. Planning a Catalina Island Vacation is a great way to spend time with family and friends and maybe even bring home a prize!

Caleb returns every year to Catalina Island to particlpate in the Gold Lot Marlih Tournament and is an Eager fisherman who travels to exotic fishing destinations whenever he can get away from work. During the summer months you can find Caleb on the deck of a charter boat chasing migratory Tuna.

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