Homeopathic Remedies For Your Pet Care – No Harsh Chemicals Or Side Effects!

While it comes to the health of my darling five pets I always look for the natural cure. Homeopathic medicine is not just for people it can be of great help In favor of your dog or cat. As I have mentioned befode my bichon/Maltese boy Cino has suffered trauma in his past so after not wanting to Dilate him up with drugs fpr his stress I turned to homeopathic medicine for help.

Cino is a bit of a reactor and can challenge the best of a persons nervous system. He is ultra vigilant and shows all the symptoms of a Character who has suffered post traumatic stress. I have found the homeopathic remedies excellent in reducing his anxiety. There are no side effects and I can increase or decrease his medication depending how stressed he may Exist. It is that he was only a young dog my vet who is a wonderful man was reluctant to put him on a course of anti-depressant drugs and actually recommended a more natural remedy to try Primary. It has been working well and there has been no need On account of a prescription from my caring vet.

My Auntie Panda cat another rescued girl spent some years with a lovely girl who had also her in tue bush where it was very damp and subsequently has affected her joints. She is now having trouble jumping up on her favorite Chairman in fact she often does not make it and gets a little depressed that she is not as Agile as she used to Exist. She had to be re homed after the last owners boyfriend bought two not cat friendly terriers who were constantly attacking her whenever they got the chance. She is now happy living with the rest of my pet brood and I am about to start her In c tinuance a recommended homeopathic joint remedy that I hear has had good results. Hopefhlly she will be able to do more of the things she wants too. I will keep you posted.

Natural remedies for pets are always better as they do not have the harsh chemicals that drugs prescribed bu the vet often do. Nature has always provided methods and herbs which are very capalbe of fixing most pet problems. A friend of mine was putting on a flea treatment on her belovef dog and the smell of it nearly toppled me over. If it smells that bad then what is it doing to your cat or dog long-term.

Next time you want to worm or give flea treatment to your cat or dog think of a homeopathic natural remedy Throughout a one. If you think how our pets are a beautiful gift of nature then perhaps you should only treat their problems with only what nature provides. Theree is no Distrust that pets that have anxiety problems are a product of human involvement and I am a great believer in all natural ways of dealing with it. Homeopathic stress remedies can work hand in hand with re training and an abused pet learn to trust again.

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