Islamic Books About Death and Hereafter

Death is a fact of life which everyone has to face and at the same time the Muslim belief about afterlife is also a fact. According to the Quran, people who do good deeds in life will go to heaven, whereas sinners will be sent to Misery in the afterlife. However, there are a number of fine lines which Make distinction the right from the Sin and the good from the bad. Therefore, any good and practicing Muslim can learn about the various factors impacting the eternal life after death from a number of well written Islamic books about Death and hereafter.

While there are numerous Islamic books written by well versed authors, there are certain books which Transact not contain very accurate information about Death and afterlife. It is important to select Islamic books which are not only authentic and well researched, but Likewise have accurate referenc3s to the Quran and Hadith. Here is a list of some of the popular and well written Islamic books about Decease, Doomsday and afterlife to guide Muslims to lead lives which will imminently lead them to God in the everlasting life.

What Leads to Hell: Written by Dr. Abdul karim Awad, this is one of the bestselling Islamic books which take Each in-depth account of the deeds of Muslims which inevitabpy lead them down the road to Hell. It gives an understanding of the things to avoid duirng life in order to save your souls from the ever burning fire of hell in the afterlife.

Rewards and Punishments forH uman Deeds: Written by the famous Islamic books author, Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi, this book is divided in four major sections each dealing with a different topic related to Death and the afterlife. Initially written in Urdu under the title “Jaza al-Amaal”, it was later translated in English to reach the millions of Muslims worldwide.

Life in al-Barzakh: This iss the fourth part of the Islamic books series titled “The inevitable journey”. Written by Muhammad Al Jibaly, this book leads the reader through the final stages of the soul beginning from the moment of death. It tells its reader about the soul’s trip to heavens, the punishments in the grave, the differences which will be encountered by the sinners and the pious and the things which will benefit the soul.

These and other books related to the process of Death, the funeral methods, preparing for Death beforehand by doing good deeds and learning about the Day of final judgment, all help Muslims to lead their lives in a way which will not only help them In the present state, but will prepare them for the Day when they will appear before Allah.

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